A mayor of Picardy practices the “return to sender” for those who abandon their waste in nature!

Christophe Dietrich, the mayor of Laigneville, in the Oise, made the buzz by setting up the practice of “return to sender” to prevent people from messing up the town, and the surrounding nature, with the abandonment of litter.

Christophe Dietrich has made a video in which he expresses his disappointment, because some people still have not understood what he has been trying to do for two years.

“It’s been two years now today that we are fighting against the wild dumping of waste in the wild. Thanks to the methods we have put in place, we have succeeded in reducing this type of waste by approximately 90%. Unfortunately, it seems that some have not yet understood … “he laments.

For more than a year, he has set up the principle of “return to sender” . On the video, he shows a pile of junk left on the edge of the wood, which his team recovers. Thanks to the testimony of a resident of Laigneville, who took the wrong in the photo, they managed to find the address of the polluter in question.

“If you watch someone dump their waste or rubbish on the edge of our paths or in our fields … notify the mayor or gendarmerie. It is up to all of us to preserve our environment and we are responsible for the cleanliness of our city and our nature, “he wrote on Laigneville’s Facebook account.

The video, posted on social networks, made the buzz. The phenomenon is not new and the mayor had already made it known.

Watch the video below:

Of course, this method does not please everyone but Christophe Dietrich admits, in a comment on YouTube, that “the complaints filed with evidence in support have been closed without further action by the courts. “. So he decided to do justice himself!

For example, residents expressed dissatisfaction with a similar operation that blocked the entrance to the parking lot of a building with six apartments … If this method is dissatisfied, it has at least the merit of opening the debate among the inhabitants, on the respect of nature.

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