A man receives a very specific advice in love from his best friend

My friend, if you still have someone who always sends you messages when you have not answered for hours, who is watching you give attention to others while you ignore it, or that it supports all the bullshit you’re weighing, you have to wake up, say thank you and I love you, and never take it for granted and do not let it go because that kind of person is very hard to find in this world.

She is crazy about you and she goes crazy because of you, and you sit with her, without telling him how much you love him and how much you want to be with him but you do not show him. Instead, you ignore it and send messages to other women. You’re commenting on a lot of pictures of girls, and she sees it and you know it, you keep posting pictures and you know she sees it but still she’s waiting for you.

She’s so crazy about you but you do not seem to care, you do not seem to care about her or her feelings. So if she wants to move on then leave it because the game you play with her is killing her.

So if she wants to move on leave it because you do not see the efforts she makes. She talks about you as if you had stars in the sky, she smiles every time someone says your name, while you ignore her messages and talk to her only when you’re bored. Either you only reserve for her, or you let her go because you know she deserves to be better treated my friend.

People are taken too easily for granted in this world. With the advent of Instagram, Tinder and other social media, we feel like we have unlimited options.

Instead of focusing on what we have, we always focus on what we might have.

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