A man found dead in the emergency room of a hospital

In Perpignan, a man was found dead in the emergency waiting room of the hospital, tells France Bleu Roussillon. According to his half-brother, the staff would have noticed after several hours. He filed a complaint.

The 56-year-old man, living in downtown Perpignan, in the Pyrénées-Orientales, was found dead at 3 am, reports France Bleu Roussillon.

The man goes to the emergency room three times

The man suffered from lower extremity arteritis, an arterial condition that disrupts blood flow and reduces oxygen delivery to the muscles.

An autopsy is scheduled for Friday

February 21, he made a first crisis and goes to the emergency room of the hospital. There he is taken care of and hospitalized during the night. The next day, February 22, he has a second crisis, he is also treated.

But when he returns home, he realizes he has lost his keys. He is therefore allowed to sleep in the premises of the Red Cross at the hospital. He stays there an hour, before making a third crisis. He goes to the emergency room. He is found dead in the waiting room at 3 am according to his half-brother.

A police investigation has been opened, and the hospital will also conduct an internal investigation. The autopsy of the body must take place in Montpellier. The investigators want to determine how long the man has waited for emergencies, and that she was taking charge during the third crisis.

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