A male pill tested on more than 300 individuals was a success

In the study published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, academics say they administered once every two months in subjects a dosage of progesterone, to reduce the production of sperm, and testosterone, to counterbalance the effects .

The result of this study on this male pill was 96% effective, with only four in 266 women becoming pregnant during the clinical trial period. A result comparable to that obtained with female hormonal contraception.

There are however already announced side effects: mood changes, erectile dysfunctions, acne, hypertension

While the results are promising for contraception, it should be noted that of the 320 study subjects aged 18 to 45, a few preferred to discontinue treatment because of frequent mood changes. Erectile dysfunction also caused six other volunteers to give up the injections.

Like the female pill, other side effects are listed: acne, pain, panic, palpitations and hypertension.

For the researchers, however, the result of this study is encouraging, especially as 75% of the subjects indicated that they would be ready to continue taking hormones.

In their study, however, scientists admit that “many more years of research are needed for this method of contraception to be widely used by men.”

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