A little girl was filmed for a second a day for a year.

You probably know these videos in time-lapse, with a second a day for a whole year. An excellent way to capture a child’s memories, to see how he grew up in a given amount of time. The result is usually a life in short with its strong moments, games, tenderness.

But not all children have such a simple daily life, far from it. And this video is a real window on the tragedies of the world in which we live.

This video was created by a British organization, Save the Children , to draw Western attention to the tragedy unfolding in Syria.

“Our desire was to tell a story that would transpose Syrian reality to us. We combined the “one second a day” format with a photographic time-lapse, to create a new way of telling this story. This is the story of an ordinary girl, her perfect world being destroyed and falling apart in just one year. “

The video presents indeed a little English girl who films her everyday life for a second, as of her birthday. In his video, the viewer can see the inexorable escalation of an armed conflict. The little girl seems initially little concerned, then the bombs begin to fall. We find ourselves facing this sentence, simple and terrible: “It is not because it does not happen here, that it does not happen. “

A simple message but of crucial importance, which should be known by a maximum of people. You can donate on the SaveTheChildren website .

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