A little baby kisses his twin who was dying

After a few weeks, although she became more robust, the twin began to have crying so bad that she could not breathe. Twins Kyrie and Brielle Jackson were born prematurely, 12 weeks ahead of schedule, weighed less than two pounds, did not develop enough, and doctors feared they could not survive.

When they were put into separate incubators, the state of Brielle had improved, but the medical staff was not optimistic about Kyrie’s survival.

After several weeks, she started having seizures and she cried so much that she could not breathe, and even became blue.

Nurse Gail was doing everything she could, but she could not help the babies. Suddenly, she had the idea that changed the course of medicine: she put Brielle next to her sister who was dying.

Even if it was against the rules of the hospital, Gail was trying to save the babies at all costs, even if she was going to lose her job.

And then something incredible happened!

Brielle suddenly calmed down and put her hand on her sister, then the miracle happened. Kyrie’s condition stabilized and she began to gain more and more weight each day.

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