A food transition, a path to a certain freedom

Until I was 22, I was sick every month. Sick of a cold, flu, any virus that anyone around me could have. I felt that my body was more and more vulnerable. At that moment, I wondered what was wrong with me? Why do some people breathe health while others are always sick as I was then?

I told a close friend at that time that he never got sick or very little, and I asked him, “What’s your secret to never get sick? When you have a cold, for example, what do you take for medicine? “I was very surprised by his answer because he told me he was not taking any medicine. He went on to tell me, “If you take medicine for every little thing you have, you help your immune system from the outside, you do not do yourself a favor because you make your immune system dependent on a substitute. outside and he goes into “watch”. The day you do not bring him your medicine, he will not be trained and you will be at risk if you have a big illness. “

A food transition, a path to a certain freedom:

Our immune system is our natural defense system that needs to be trained, needs to be stimulated to be operational and to be able to defend itself against external danger as it manifests itself. That’s why I followed these tips in seeking to strengthen my natural defenses.

The results are not done without waiting. The next time I had a cold, I did not take any medicine, but it was more painful, longer, but I started working on my immune system. I did not get sick every month but only a few times a year after this one cold without medication.

However, I found that my physiological state was not yet at the top because I was soft, tired, invaded by the dark thoughts in my head, lacking energy, losing speed to move forward in my life. And especially, I often had unexpected gastric complications after some of my meals that prevented me from being free because my mind focus more and more on my digestive disorders. I became paralyzed and trapped in my physiological state. Foot on the wall, I had the click to change things deeply.

This is where my path to health and wellness began. I started by changing some habits in my basic diet. A diet that was like most people at the moment except that I enjoyed taking refined sweets between meals so that coca cola had become my water so much I needed that sweet taste in the stuffy. I was a real addict to “sucrism” if I may say so.

At that time, I was a student, I was studying engineering at La Défense when I started to tackle food additives because I had seen a video on the subject rather alarmist. I did my research and realized that I was not stopping

Not to consume it. I phased out products that contained harmful additives such as monosodium glutamate and its ghosts hidden under different names on the ingredient lists of our labels. I realized that some extremely dangerous additives were contained in almost all the supermarket products I bought. At first it was a panic because I thought I could not eat anything and especially what I was used to.

I felt so lonely and lost at the same time. Now with hindsight, I realize that these hard times that I had to go through have forged my character, taught me to surpass myself and now consider problems as opportunities that life puts on my way to teach me to grow, to become a better person and to evolve more and more towards a better state of being. So, at that moment I decided to replace all the sweets between meals with my favorite fruits. Both to bring me all the benefits of fruits but also to avoid the toxic agents of additives.

By understanding the phenomenon of epi-genetics, I realized that it was up to me to build the life I want. We do not choose the life we ​​have at birth but we can choose our life when we die. Epigenetics tells us that depending on our lifestyle, such as diet, there is a cause-and-effect relationship in the expression of our genes. If I eat a fruit, I will activate a gene while if I eat a refined candy, I will activate another. That’s how I understood the relationship between diet, sleep, the quality of our relationships, physical activity and our behavior, our mentality and our open-mindedness in everyday life.

My studies at that time allowed me to go to Canada to do an internship. Once in Canada, new country, new environment, no family, no friends, no girlfriend, alone with myself, I decided to rebuild my life. I learned to unlearn what seemed obsolete in terms of health and well-being. All while obviously informing me about doctors, experts, and professionals looking for the truth and the progress through the books, the conferences, the testimonies, website linked to the health that I consumed during months and months.

I connected several information to gradually change my eating habits by seeking to taton through personal experiences that was best for me.

I learned a lot to trust my personal feelings to let my intuition guide me in this path that I began to survey. When I arrived in Canada, I decided to drastically reduce the consumption of meat and fish because I understood that it was not essential for health and on the contrary when it is consumed in excess, it is a progressive fouling of the body that may be responsible for long-term illness.

I do not advise to stop meats and fish for those who do not want because we are physiologically able to consume in small

Quantity but not in excess as it is the case at the moment. I advise people who consume animal products to buy good quality to avoid the toxic agents used in intensive farming such as antibiotics and vaccines.

I understood at this moment also that a good action to take care of oneself and also a good action for the environment in which one evolves. To stop eating meat is to stop sacrificing animals that have the right to live and to participate in this game of life and at the same time to stop destroying a forest football field that goes into smoke every second and will be used for the construction of intensive breeding slaughterhouses.

Things happened very quickly then, I drastically reduced my consumption of starchy wheat which congested our body. Modern cereals increase intestinal porosity to allow certain toxic substances to penetrate the body that lodge all over the body and can contribute to many diseases such as diabetes, asthma, the famous colds that I had all the time two years earlier because my body was constantly draining the viscosity that cluttered it.

I have even tried many diets such as crudivorism over 1 week to test and experience the benefits and harms of such a diet. It is good to rebalance the nutritive balances in our body, it brings a lot of good nutrients to our body but it is not suitable for everyone. Some people like me who stay active most of the day are sometimes hypoglycemic with this type of diet, lack of energy if you do not take more sugar. Some people can handle it very well so there is no problem but it should not be considered as the perfect diet. Each person has a perfect diet that is associated with him taking into account his predispositions, his lifestyle, his ambitions and many other factors.

To avoid the disadvantages of cereals, particularly wheat, I turned to buckwheat flour such as 100% buckwheat pasta, starchy quinoa to provide my body with the nutrients I need without to harm my body. The first rule of thumb in terms of health is first of all not to harm. Buckwheat is not a grain contrary to what we think and is more nutritionally balanced for the human body.

These dietary changes from one point to another have gradually traced a path behind me that has built my early experience towards health and greater state of well-being that is never supposed to stop. That’s where I understood what it meant: a healthy mind in a healthy body.

I realized the power of this sentence because by changing my diet, I discovered a better state of health to not get sick but also, I learned to control my emotions, to express them and not no more pushing them inside me that made the whole person shy that I was. To be more attentive to me simply. Indeed, the quality of our diet determines directly

The state of health of our intestines. But it is the neurons present at the level of the intestines that convey emotional responses in the body.

Changing my diet allowed me to stop having fixed ideas, obsessions, black ideas that invaded my mind. By eating live foods, filled with subtle energy, ie these foods have synthesized vital energy from sunlight, water, air and earth. Such energy is necessary to animate our body as a whole. Whereas with “dead” foods, devitalized with all living substances, with all energy, we can not feed our cells. On the contrary, they degenerate. That’s the whole drama of obesity right now that affects millions of people. An obese person does not feel hungry because he eats food but “dead” food with no nutrients, the body starves from the inside, it degenerates and becomes the bedrock of disease of civilization such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, etc …

As my food transition progressed, my mind opened up in all areas as if I had taken my brain and pushed it wide to see the reality in all its complexity as something much richer, much more intense, much more inspiring than I had been aware before.

Such open-mindedness allowed me to open my spiritual awareness and to understand that I was not just a human being in a physical body that is there to learn, work and enjoy once it reaches the age of retirement, but a spiritual being incarnated in a physical body to live a human experience that allows me to understand, learn and grow to evolve through all the experiences that life puts in my path.

Evolving constantly out of my comfort zone, regularly doing things that scare me, being in a situation where I challenge myself to succeed to build a great life, it’s a whole development journey associated with this spiritual dimension that makes everything possible to make me grow to an improved version of myself.

Gratitude to all those people who taught me to see things differently, gratitude to the experiences of life for having confronted me in front of myself, for having realized that illness is not something inevitable but that we can prevent it by concrete actions and healthy lifestyle habits that respect the natural functioning of our body. Gratitude to all this discomfort that I went through and made me grow to be the person I am now. Despite all my mistakes, on my diet and all my life in general, I do not regret anything. As long as there is learning and teaching behind our experiences and our risk taking, there is an evolution.

I feel I have found my goal in life, guided every day by my intuition and my confidence in me to overcome every day a little more my fears and accompany the

People who feel bad about themselves, hurt in their bodies, hurt in their lives that another way is possible through health and well-being above all else. Health is one of our first freedoms after all. I like this idea that our health depends only on us through long-term prevention. A daily prevention by the permanent evaluation of our habits of life and not the idea that health comes down to medical treatments once in a while and which give us the illusion of being cured when in reality, we only delay the problem for a long time to question ourselves and understand that we are the only ones responsible for our ills.

Now that I have finished my studies, I am fully dedicated to my passion for passing on my knowledge, advice and experience to people who want to take control of their health through healthier lifestyle habits. I like this sentence of Gandhi who says: “My life is my message”. I want to make my life my message, my message that we must each build his own path to freedom, physical, mental, spiritual, emotional, social, psychic, intellectual, financial, etc …

You can now find me on my website: where I run a blog to give advice to use the power of food for our health and well-being. As Hippocrates said: “Let your food be your only medicine”.

A food transition, a path to a certain freedom: Adrien Lamacchia

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