A couple adopts the 4 daughters of their deceased friend, the city mobilizes

The life of Laura and Rico Ruffino, from Buffalo, New York (USA) will change … This couple of Americans, already parents of two children, have decided to adopt the four girls of their friend Elizabeth Diamond, unfortunately deceased.

Last April, Elisabeth, Laura’s solo mom and friend, died at the age of 40 from brain cancer diagnosed 8 months earlier. “When she started to weaken , you can imagine Elizabeth’s worry about leaving her four daughters without her,” Laura tells WKBW Buffalo, a local online newspaper. “She told me that if anything happened to her, she wanted me to take care of her daughters. I immediately answered yes.

And Laura has kept her promise. With her husband Rico, they welcomed Lily, Ella, Samona and Tara, Elisabeth’s daughters, from 5 to 12 years old. The orphans come to enlarge the siblings, now composed of 6 girls! What does Rico say? He is 100% with his wife. “I would never have thought that my current life was like this ten years ago. But if such a thing happens, accept the challenge and do the best you can to take it up, “he said to his wife.

And who says a large family, says organization. The Ruffino family, in full, will have to change their habits. The incredible gesture of Laura and Rico has touched many people in the city: the couple has already been offered a larger table and a larger fridge. A fundraiser has also been set up to support them financially. $ 44,000 has already been raised.

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