A beautiful marriage, simple and zero waste!

I do not know you but I love weddings. Since I know the backstage and what it costs in time, investment, compromise, fatigue, and also financially, I am very good public, even if what is proposed is not a priori “my style” . Because it’s an incredible time of preparation, because the bride and bridegroom choose their guests carefully and it’s an honor to be part of it, and of course because they offer to share something with them really looks like, or a piece of what they have always dreamed of.

But of course and like everyone I think, for different reasons some marriages affect me even more, and the one I attended this weekend is part of it. You’re going to see it, it’s really a marriage that summarizes this simple way of life that I tell you (and which I try a little to rally!) For some time now.

I knew the bride towards the end of Alternatiba preparations, she had joined the team of volunteers along the way. A Saturday night, while with a small team, we had a last round of posting and distribution of flyers before the event, we thought we would relax around an Indian dish. The bride says “ok but I have to warn my friend to join us” (I make it short OF COURSE!) And three quarters of an hour later, the friend in question arrives … .. OH SURPRIIIIIIISE, CHICHOUNE! Yes, it was a long-time friend that we had a little lost sight of. End of the quarter of an hour 3615mylife #lemondeestpetit.

As for us, Alternatiba has had a real catalytic effect in their econological approach and it is quite natural that their marriage is part of this way of life.

> The meeting point was at home, and besides, the festivities were organized in their garden. They had a parking lot in the field next door where we could also pitch the tents. No stress, we all walked quietly to the town hall which was 20 minutes walk. We were warned in the invitation that the spirit was country and the shoes, not necessarily adapted! Whether on the way out or back, I found the idea of ​​this walk really a great time, a little out of time and stress that sometimes transpire from the organization of weddings. Here, clearly, there was no real time constraint, no pressure from the town hall for the ceremony to be held right on time

A beautiful marriage, simple and zero waste!

Little anti-conformist side that I adore personally, the bride was not in a wedding dress but in gray linen / pink powder dress, with a bouquet of garden flowers, and the groom in denim and T-shirt black and paper hat, both in Converse.

Stuff pretty incredible (what, I would never have thought), the wedding rings were made with the spoons and forks of baptism of the grandfather. Well, I did not know that “spoons and forks of baptism” actually existed, my family is atheist and neither my children nor I are baptized. But the fact is that the idea is really great, both at the symbolic level of the inscription of this union in a transgenerational history, as at the level of the execution: because icing on the cake, these rings were made by a local craftsman.

Back from the town hall, and accompanied by a magician / clown artist both discreet-as-it-necessary and very funny, the wine of honor was waiting for us under a barnum surrounded by straw. The newlyweds had dug up a team of 4 pearls in the kitchen, who really provided the wine of honor for dessert. The specifications were as follows: make a vegetarian meal, simple, based on vegetables and fruits organic, seasonal, local max, and generating the least possible waste. The last criterion was for them quite natural since it was their marketer who put them in touch with the kitchen team.

And the bet was completely successful and acclaimed by the guests. Here is what was on the program:

In the wine of honor:

  • Brioche and bread with lots of homemade jams to taste (opportunity for me to discover the green tomato jam!) Sweet shortbread handmade also toasts with pickled mushrooms toasted peas / mint toasts with summer vegetables cooked in a kind of ratatouille hummus vegetables raw soaked and croutons available

(Of course when I say toasts, it is not about the square or perfectly round industrial toasts that are found in supermarkets, but bruschettas type)

To accompany all that, besides the traditional champagne, cider, perry or kir, there was gazpacho cucumber / yogurt and tomato / mint, as well as a multitude of homemade syrups. Personally, I tried kir in nettle syrup!

At lunch

  • Various roasted vegetables cooked and served separately: beetroot, cauliflower, onion, carrots, green beans, fennel and zucchini Mashed potatoes (exceptional) Aioli to accompany.

That very simple, but especially only extremely good, I ate too much (everything was too good and good too good) and the guests around me were equally seduced by the quality of the kitchen.

To the dessert

A beautiful marriage, simple and zero waste!

Deco , sustainable and still sustainable ! Tablecloths, napkins, dishes, dishes, no disposable objects on the horizon!

They had built dry toilets for the occasion. Note that the dry toilets were made entirely from recycled materials with the exception of the roof plate! Well, I must say that they were the main attraction of the children, there were many who had never imagined that we could have toilets of this kind, and the sawdust intrigued them a lot (and amused, with the cohort of nonsense to do that I let you imagine).

A beautiful marriage, simple and zero waste!

So it was a marriage as simple as particularly nice.

For the rest of the clichés of the marriage, there was no official photographer (and therefore not the traditional long hours spent for the bride and groom to pose with uncles and aunts, parents, neighbors, colleagues, friends , witnesses, etc etc, no married couple kidnapped by the photographer to take 50 photos-kiss placed under the tree, on the edge of the well, falsely hidden behind a stump, toutssa), no hairdresser / makeup artist, no dress / costume, no wedding cake, no DJ.

I find that the grooms have made the choice to stay at what was essential for them, and that it was successful, communicative and contagious.

The garden was in spite of itself one of the flagship attractions of the reception of honor, and for good reason: it is really an illustration of what one calls the free abundance. It’s a lush permaculture garden, and it’s all the more incredible since it’s the first year they’re doing it. (and that, living under the same latitude, and even within a radius of 50 km, with an identical climate, I can assure you that their vegetable garden is the counter-example of what all self-gardeners know this year, between mildew slug and rotting vegetables).

What I found particularly neat is that the guests played the game:

  • the game of staying asleep (because when the bride and groom propose a place to sleep, it is that it makes them happy that the party extends in a nice way the next day!), the game of gifts-a nod to their fashion of life (special mention to the wipes pee wrapped around a roll of toilet paper even if I doubt that the chosen fabric is suitable for this use!) the game of mutual help to rid, do the dishes, disassemble the barnums and even push the cars bogged down!

All in joy, hangover and good mood!

The challenge of generating the least amount of waste possible was raised hands down, but especially very naturally because everything had been thought upstream through the choice of materials and decoration. There was a compost bucket for the organic leftovers, and most sincerely, I who helped with the cleaning and storage of several weddings, I have never seen so little rubbish for a wedding of this size, 110 guests at the table. In reality, the biggest thing to pick up was the paper ribbons thrown at the grooms during a slow dance (you know, the umbrella dance!), Which was a nice surprise prepared by their families.

For those who would try to embark on this adventure but would be afraid to venture off the beaten path,

Do not hesitate!

I can assure you that this wedding was no less magical than more traditional weddings, and had absolutely nothing to envy!

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