A 40-year-old father with a permanent contract and obliged to sleep in his car

The Abbé Pierre Foundation presented its annual report on the state of poor housing in France. According to the Foundation, the state of poor housing draws the portrait of a France fractured by the housing crisis. 4 million people are homeless, poorly housed or without personal accommodation.

Four million people suffer from poor housing, and 12 million live in precarious housing. RMC met Christophe, a poor worker who had to sleep in his car, for lack of housing.

Fondation Abbé Pierre presented its annual report devoted to the insalubrity and precariousness of French homes.

As every year, the situation is alarming: four million people suffer from poor housing, live in an unhealthy place or on the street. But the housing crisis affects many more French: twelve million people are in overcrowded housing, without heat or badly isolated … Among these poorly housed, many are employees who have an income below 1.150 euros net / month for a full-time.

“Forced to sleep in my car with a coat on me”

RMC met Christophe, 40, who is a father and belongs to these poor workers. It took several months to find a roof near Marseille. Despite a job as a mechanic, he had to sleep for three weeks in his car. A test. “Sleeping all night like that, in the cold, having to sleep with a coat over you …

But I did not have a choice. Despite his CDI mechanic in a garage in Vitrolles, it was impossible for him to find housing, for lack of guarantors. For a long time, he had to resort to System D, with the help of his boss, who gave him access to a toilet and a shower so he could stay clean for a month and a half. Since then, Christophe’s nightmare is over: he has found a F2 close to his workplace. A place where he will be able to accommodate his two children and sleep again.

More than 5 million poor workers

His case is far from the only one. Without guarantors or guarantors, many working people can not find a place to stay, says Fathi Bouaroua, president of the Abbé Pierre Foundation in the Provence-Alpes-Côte-D’azur region.

“Of the 12,648 people in Marseille who attended a social emergency service, that is to say who slept outside or ate at a soup kitchen, 30% of them worked”.

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