9 ways to know that you are doing something the right way

This is one of the best types of love: when someone asks you why and you have no concrete reason, you feel it. Love is not something logical, it is not a monster that can be solved by the mind.

2. You have the impression that you are doing what you are supposed to do.

I will tell you a personal anecdote, for example: even when I have a bad day and I am not satisfied with what I wrote, I have bad comments and I feel depressed, I succeed in somehow to remind me that I do what I love most, that I do my best, and that tomorrow will be different. This kind of ideology really stems from what some people would define as your “call”.

3. Even if you have not figured it out yet, you know at least what you are supposed to do.

You know what path you want to take, even if you’re far away. Having a direction and a vision in your life is what will propel you forward, that’s what you’ll find when you find yourself.

4. When you come from nowhere, from time to time, you have a feeling of happiness that invades you …

Generally for something banal. When you have your favorite seat on the train and sit there, sipping your favorite drink and looking out the window, you feel like everything is fine in the world.

5. You agree with the things that hurt you most and affected you the most in the past.

In fact, you are even grateful to them. You see the story unfold because you have reached the next page or chapter. When you can see in hindsight, it means you are beyond.

6. You are no more afraid than before.

You have seen the “worst possible scenarios” unfold and you have found your way. Things seem less daunting now.

7. Even when you have a bad day, you are able to accept that some days will be like that, and that the other days will be better … in other words, you have accepted the human condition.

8. You have a new respect for people who are older and wiser than you.

The smartest people know that there are still many things they do not know.

9. When you start thinking a little less about yourself and a little more about what you do for others.

You have passed the stage of having to be sufficient for your own needs. You have taken care of yourself, and you are on the next most important thing, if not the most important: what you can do for others.

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