9 reasons why men do not know how to deal with a strong woman.

This kind of woman is independent, loving, and not afraid to show her vulnerability. She knows that at some point you can be the teacher and that the next moment you can find yourself in the position of the student. So why would such a woman stay with a man?

Here are 9 reasons why men do not know how to deal with this type of woman:


The love of a strong woman is devoted. Like a mother with her cubs, she will love and care for her companion. When she feels love in return she will do her best to make him feel loved. She will support him, help him, fight for him to get what he desires and deserves. Some men can not cope with this kind of unconditional love. They are frightened by so much intensity and self-sacrifice. It is often during this phase that men leave strong women. And, as deep as her love, she will let you go. She knows her value.


Women with inner strength can not tolerate irregular or undecided people. They want to know that the man who loves them is honest, respectful and lives in the world around him. If they start to feel that their companion is moving away, they will react accordingly and have no problem letting him go if they feel they have been cheated.

They want to feel that they are loved unconditionally. If they feel that they are being disrespected, they will have no problem putting things back. The worst thing you can do to a strong woman is to make her feel weak.

3. She does not need a man who fights for her.

A man needs to feel wanted. He needs to know that he is fighting for this woman’s admiration and eternal love. A strong woman will show you that she loves you, while remaining independent and able to fend for herself. She will fight for both of you, but she does not need a man to fight.

If they have a problem, they settle it. They do not sit there waiting, like victims, for a man to find the solution. Some men can not cope with this force. If you decide to stay with this type of woman, agree to walk by her side and not forward, to pull her in the direction that you consider to be the best.


Men still have difficulty in evoking sensitive topics. Strong women plunge right into the depths of hurtful, traumatic and life-changing experiences. They want a home that can be honest and vulnerable because they endured a lot of things in their lives. They need to know that their companion may be available to navigate the ocean of uncertainty and travel to the shores of madness.

They do not fear the past. They search for those things that make us human. The strong woman will always find a strong man to stand by her side during times of adversity. Men tend to flee vulnerability because it makes them feel weak.


This type of woman will follow you to the depths of hell if she knows you are attached to her. However, from the moment you start to walk away, she will let you go. She will not wait for a man to decide if he wants her or someone better.

They do not play games for little girls. Either you are, or you stay on the side. They will suffer, lick their own wounds, and get up again ready for their next challenge.


She has endured intense hardship and overcome many obstacles in her life. She must have been extremely strong. She knows that she can endure everything on her way, so this type of intensity is often difficult for a man to understand.

It’s intimidating because of all the emotions and thoughts that go along with that type of personality. She wants to share her scars, and expects you to do the same. The secret does not exist in his world.

7. SHE KNOWS WHAT she wants.

Strong women know what they want, they know how to achieve their goals, and they remember everything they endured to have what they have. A woman like that knows what she wants. If she appreciates a man, she will go to him. She will not wait for the man to take the first step.

They have stubborn personalities that can be extremely intimidating for some men. They are not subject. They love without reservation and can also continue to explore the world, accompanied or not, by a man. You have to be a self-confident man to let that type of personality take things in hand.


This type of woman will challenge a man in the most intimate ways. She will ask for intimacy in all its forms, during conversations and intimate relationships. She will not remember anything. She is comfortable with her femininity, she will wait for a man who is also open to all aspects of the intimate life. She will ask for passion, desire, and make her feel unique.


They are honest and expect their relationships to be based entirely on trust. They detect lies in a hurry, so do not try to cheat them. Do not give them lame explanations.

They have the ability to detect any lie. Sharing a relationship with a strong woman requires nothing to hide. She will not tolerate falsehood or selfishness. If you can not be entirely with her, she will have no problem leaving you.

It’s hard to accept the things we do not like about ourselves when someone points them out. But a strong woman will reflect these points that should be settled in his companion. She will be there to help you see how amazing and strong you are.

She will remain by your side and will show approval, trust and you will consider your true value. Some men struggle to cope with the emotional chaos that accompanies this projection. Strong women prefer strong men. The weak will not resist the first meetings.

They do not know how to handle openness, strength, intelligence and independence. A strong man has usually been brought up by a strong woman and he will face the darkness of the soul or go away. Strong women do not have time to play. So if you can deal with the intensity, the love, the honesty and the conversations, you are perhaps that strong man who can come to complete this kind of women.

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