9 dangerous health problems caused by invisible mold in your home

Mold is a common problem that many people face in their homes, and most people do not even know it’s there. There may be mold growing in your home right now that is putting your health at risk. Even though modern medicine has not found any cure for diseases caused by mold, you should not ignore the symptoms.

If you have any of these symptoms, it could mean that there is mold in your home …

1. Too hot at night?

If you spend your nights turning around, and waking up in the morning, there may be mold in your house. Problems regulating your body temperature, and constant overheating with insomnia and night sweats are all common symptoms that have been linked to diseases caused by mold.

2. Lack of appetite?

Sudden changes in your regular appetite, or persistent nausea after eating could mean that you have mold in your home. If you find yourself eating less or being hungry during the day, it could be because exposure to mold gives you the feeling of being tight in your abdomen, causing a loss of appetite .

3. Are you still trying to lose weight?

If you have been dieting and exercising for a month and you have gained weight again, it may not be your fault. Mold can slow down the metabolism, making weight loss almost impossible despite healthy eating and enough sports.

4. It’s too bright.

Another common sign of diseases caused by mold is extreme sensitivity to light. If everyday activities like walking outdoors on a sunny day, or turning on the light causes pain in your eyes and blurred vision, this could be due to the mold in or around your home.

5. Lack of memory?

Do you have trouble remembering the names of the people you just met? Do you have more and more trouble staying focused during the day? These are common signs that people are in the presence of mold.

6. Out of breath?

Mold releases tiny spores in the air that can not be seen with the naked eye, but once inhaled, they can cause sinus problems and make breathing difficult. If you are out of breath and have symptoms that mimic an asthma attack, look in your home for mold.

7. Need to pee.

Both your intestines and your abdomen are affected because diseases caused by molds contract organs like the bladder and you feel extra pressure. This can lead to more frequent urination and this can be painful. If you urinate more than 8 times a day, you may have mold in your home

8. Thirsty?

Another effect of mold is excessive thirst. Spores released into the air by mold can cause a tingling sensation, itching and dryness inside your throat. If your throat stays dry after drinking, it could be due to overexposure to toxins from mold in the air.

9. Like a taste of metal.

If you feel like having a metal taste when you eat, it could be due to mold in your home. When you inhale toxins from mold, it can cause numbness in your taste buds, which can affect your ability to taste food properly, or leave a metal taste in your mouth.

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