9 criteria a man should meet if he wants to have more chance that a woman falls in love

If a man has a hard time seducing a woman or even considering an appointment, then perhaps he would need to read the nine items on this list to see if he could improve his chances of doing so.

The fact is that all women seek these nine things from a man, and if a man does not have them, there is a good chance that she will fall in love with another partner.

Here are nine things that men should have if they want a woman to fall in love with them:


A woman does not just want a man with a strong personality. She wants him to have one that matches hers. Most women know what they are looking for in a man, and if a man realizes that he does not match what he is looking for, he should not be discouraged. It simply means that he must continue to look for a woman who is compatible with his personality.


Many women struggle with self-esteem that goes beyond their appearance. For this reason, women are looking for a man with whom they feel comfortable enough to be themselves. This means that man must not judge her for what she says and does but must appreciate her singularity. If he can let a woman be herself, he will end up with a happy woman by his side.


This is often one of the first things a woman notices in a man before falling in love. To go further than “Hi, my name is …” with a woman, a man must be able to communicate. It starts with a little conversation that goes well beyond that. A woman wants a man to whom she can talk, who listens and responds.


Few things are more repulsive for a woman than a man who does not trust him. This can be difficult for some men who become nervous when they are with women, but it is important for a man who seeks to charm a woman to find a way to trust. The best way to do this is to find something they know or know well and use it as a way to connect.


As superficial as it may seem, women are looking for a man with real work. He does not need to earn a six-figure salary every year, but he must have a steady job in which he earns a living wage. This is something women look for when they want a serious relationship because they need to know that a man will be able to take care of them, and that proves their responsibility.


This is one of the most important personality traits that a woman looks for in a man, which is why she deserves her place. The way a man treats everyone around him will give clues to a woman as to whether or not she is a good person. A screaming man on a server, for example, will show a woman that the man will not respect her.


On the other hand, a man should also be respected by his entourage if he wants a woman to fall in love. This is because women naturally see those who are well respected as being more desirable and worthy of their respect.


Men do not need to prepare a list of jokes, but they must have a good sense of humor in general. It basically means having a positive outlook on life and being fun. They should not take life too seriously because most women find it very boring. On the other hand, they must also be able to take serious things seriously because there is a time for everything.


A man must take care of him, even if he is not asked to look like the models of the magazines. It simply means taking regular showers, putting on deodorant, brushing and styling her hair and wearing clothes in good condition. She wants to know that he values ​​himself enough to take care of himself.

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