8 Tips if your child refuses to eat

All parents know that to grow and develop harmoniously, a child needs a healthy and varied diet. But an unwritten rule is that what is good for one’s health is not really appetizing.

When a child refuses to eat, some parents can go so far as to use blackmail: “If you do not eat your chard, you will not have chocolate! “

However, according to recent research, this method does not work, but other strategies can be effective. Here are the 8 tips if your child refuses to eat:

1. Let your child help you prepare the meal. 2 year olds love to mess up in the kitchen and it is obviously preferable that they do it while cooking than during the meal.

2. That your children have done the “circus” in your kitchen does not matter. What matters is that they had a playful relationship with their meal and, with a little luck, they tasted a few bites while preparing it.

3. Do not insist on your child to eat if he is too tired. Let him rest a little before offering him his meal.

4. If he or she stubbornly refuses food, resist the temptation to leave the plate full in front of him for hours until he or she touches it. It would just irritate him, and you too.

5. Place the vegetables on their plate in colors and shapes, so that they can make drawings if possible, as children love everything out of the ordinary.

6. If your child does not want to eat broccoli puree, do not immediately give him his favorite dish instead because he does not have to learn how to handle you.

7. Mums, you must always be persevering and consistent. Only then will you reach your goal. You will need a lot of patience, but it will pay off.

8. Try to make the meal a fun time. It does not mean bringing toys to the table, but filling that moment with songs, anecdotes and fellowship in which you will reward your child with kisses and smiles.

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