8 things to say everyday to your child that can change his life!

Children grow up so fast … And even before we realize why and how, they are already out of the house and we find ourselves alone, to wonder if we have done enough and if we have done to prepare them for what awaits them!

Here are a few small phrases to add to your daily conversations with your children, which can change the way they see themselves and the people around them.

8 things to say everyday to your child that can change his life:

1. It’s up to you

Giving your child choices to make, even very early, in the development of his life, will establish in his mind a certain confidence in him and his abilities of judgment. To let them know that they have the choice, the freedom to choose between several alternatives, and that you support them, is priceless for them!

2. Vas-y, essaye!

Encourage toddlers to try new things, gain new experiences, be curious and enjoy discovering new things. You may be able to hold their hand at first, but do not be afraid to let go and let them go, to watch them fend for themselves. The world is gigantic, beautiful and full of surprises for them, and your child must enjoy it!

3. You are loved, and you are safe with me

Okay, said like that, this sentence may seem odd, even unnatural … Yet, I assure you there are innumerable ways to say it! To send a child this message of safety, that he has nothing to fear when he is with you, is of paramount importance.

Of course, ensuring the safety and well-being of your children is the natural role and intrinsic purpose of every parent … But the fact of expressing it concretely from time to time changes everything, and it shows them how valuable you are to them and how reassuring they are about their own safety.

4. You make me happy

While it is true that our children bring us boundless joy, they also give us a headache from time to time. And we tend to only express ourselves in times when we want them to stay quiet, or calm down, or go to bed. Beside that, we must not forget to make it a point of honor to also let them know how much they can make us happy, and that we could not imagine our life without them.

5. I trust you, and I believe in you

Your children will always need your approval, and they will never have enough of your encouragement. That’s why we must not hesitate to start very early, and not to stop! This does not mean, of course, that they should be allowed to do anything they want, but that they must be trusted and encouraged when making positive choices. Your words can build them just as they can destroy them, and in any case they will eventually find their place in this world.

6. It happens to everyone to make mistakes …

When you’re a child, you often do stupid things, sometimes without really wanting it. Children may feel guilty and go out of their way for little things, like a glass of spilled milk.

There are things with which they will still be clumsy because of their young age, and it is useless to get upset because their little fingers are still struggling to grab hold of things.

It is much more productive, in these cases, to tell them that these kinds of mistakes can happen, and that it is the way we fix mistakes that really counts. And you may even have the opportunity to show them how to fix the mistakes in your own life!

7. Have a good day, never forget who you are

Your child struggles to discover and build his identity every day, and it happens much sooner than you can think. No need to wait for adolescence for this!

It’s never too early to help them build their identity, and help them find the values ​​to hang on to. Reminding him often who he is, and how special and important he is even before he leaves home in the morning to go to school, is not insignificant.

8. I love you

Because, you guessed it, it had to appear somewhere on the list … No?

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