8 “safe” foods that damage your teeth without you knowing

For years, I could not do anything to whiten my teeth . I removed the coffee, I stopped smoking, I used all kinds of treatments to whiten them, but all for nothing. I discovered the real problem after talking to my dentist.

There are 8 foods I eat, which contribute to the browning and wear of your teeth. Here are the foods to avoid:

1. Energy drinks.

After weight training, I liked taking an energy drink, but it turns out that they can really damage your teeth quickly. The level of sugar in energy drinks is very high, and sugar is an ideal food for bacteria that stain and disintegrate your teeth.

2. The lemonade.

When it was hot, I used to make a big pitcher of lemonade for the kids and myself. It just happens to be the worst thing I could do for my family. The acid / sugar combination is a disaster for your enamel. Acid wears out your teeth and sugar promotes the growth of bacteria.

3. The white wine.

I like wine, but white wine is one of the worst, not just because of acidity and sugar, but you often mix wine with other acidic foods, such as pasta with tomato sauce. The wine opens the “pores” of the teeth and the stains are trapped.

4. Juices and smoothies.

Many people will tell you how good juices and smoothies are for your overall health. But in reality, they are terrible for your teeth. The sugar they contain color and damage your teeth, especially green smoothies and fruit smoothies.

5. The tea

Black and brown teas are generally considered the worst for coloring teeth, but green tea can also leave stains. A great way to avoid tea stains is to gently brush your teeth 30 minutes after drinking the tea.

6. Cough syrup.

I did not expect that. The cough syrup is rich in sugar which can quickly cause a deterioration of the enamel. Take them as a pill, or do not take them all together. They are not really good for you.

7. The pools.

Obviously, it’s not a food. But the pools are actually very bad for your teeth. The chemicals that treat the pool can actually brown your teeth over time. Limit your pool time per week to less than 6 hours if you can.

8. Some drugs.

Okay, it’s not a food either, but it’s still important to stay away from it. Taking medication for prolonged periods of time, as well as undergoing heavy treatments, such as chemotherapy and radiation therapy, alter blood flow to the teeth and can change the color of your teeth indoors.

Of course, do not remove important treatments because of your teeth. Talk to your doctor about your oral hygiene if you are undergoing important medical treatment.

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