8 reasons to use bicarbonate for beautiful hair and nails

Many people spend a lot of money in cosmetics supposed to give them beautiful hair, beautiful nails and beautiful skin.However the result is not always the rendezvous. Baking soda is a natural remedy that can work wonders for our look and is found in all kitchens. It is a cheap and effective solution.

Here are 8 reasons to use bicarbonate for beautiful hair and nails:

1. Exfoliates your skin: Baking soda is recommended by experts to remove dead skin and dirt from your skin. It is an excellent exfoliator. Mix one volume of water for three volumes of baking soda. Then apply the mixture to any part of your skin. Rinse with warm water then apply your moisturizer.

2. Cleans your hair: Baking soda effectively cleans your hair. Simply mix a teaspoon with your shampoo and then apply all on your hair by massaging gently. Leave this mixture in your hair for 10 minutes then rinse thoroughly.

3. Hydrates elbow and knees: In winter, knees and elbows may dry out. Baking soda is a way of rehydrating them. Mix baking soda with your moisturizer and use it to massage the dry areas.

For beautiful hair and nails

4. Soften hands: Make a paste with a little baking soda and water and apply this mixture on your hands to soften and remove dead skin.

5. Whitens your teeth: Baking soda is more effective at whitening teeth than any other commercial product. Mix baking soda with water and a little salt, then use it daily as a toothpaste. You can gargle with the solution to eliminate bad breath.

6. Neutralize odors: Drop baking soda anywhere in your home to eliminate odors. You can also use it as a deodorant by mixing it a little before applying it under your armpits. Baking soda eliminates the bacteria responsible for these bad smells. You can use it as an exfoliant to remove small blackheads due to antiperspirants and deodorants on the market.

7. Combat Acne: Baking soda effectively fights pimples and blackheads on your skin. Mix baking soda with lemon juice and apply the paste on your skin before going to bed. Be careful not to use this mixture during the day, since lemon can harm your skin if it is exposed to the sun.

8. Soothes your feet: after a long day of work baking soda is effective at soothing tired feet and removing dead skin cells.In a bowl mix three tablespoons of baking soda with water and immerse your feet there. The mixture will soothe your feet and maintain their good health.

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