8 of the worst foods for your body

But in truth, what is healthy is not just the amount you eat but the quality of the food and the respectful way it is produced. Below, discover some of the worst foods you can put in your body – you will certainly be surprised by some!

1. Non-organic apples

Last year, apples won the dubious honor of being the most heavily loaded pesticide product. As they are not very resistant to pests, apples tend to be sprayed more. They are also treated with pesticides that prolong their life. If you are an apple lover, always, always buy organic – or so, do not buy at all. Your body will thank you!

2. The microwave popcorn

Workers at the microwave popcorn factories have actually developed an extremely rare form of lung cancer by inhaling fumes. If this is not reason enough to avoid these products, here is another one: the lining of the bags contains perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA), a substance that has been linked to several other forms of cancer and cancer. infertility.

Plus, microwave popcorn is loaded with bad fats and sodium . Homemade hot-air popcorns can actually be a healthy food, believe it or not, so stick to that for your evenings, or better still, choose nuts, almonds, grapes dry, etc.

3. Bad foods: sodas

Several studies have directly linked the consumption of sodas to cardiovascular disease, cancer, depression, obesity – and the list goes on. Light sodas are not left out either.

4. The chips

Many brands of chips contain unimaginable amounts of sodium and fat – a single individual bag can often exceed the allowed value for a day. But the most important is not just the nutritional value – the chips also contain acrylamides, a chemical that carries an increased risk of several forms of cancer and infertility. You can also find them in french fries.

5. Bad foods: canned tomatoes

In addition to being much less good than the real organic fresh tomatoes, canned tomatoes provide the extra “spice” of bisphenol A (BPA) in the lining of their boxes. This is the stuff of nightmares: BPA has been linked to fetal abnormalities, heart disease, obesity, diabetes, thyroid problems, and even cancer.

It has been banned in the manufacture of baby bottles and blanket bans are being considered nationwide. (Namely, it has been replaced by bisphenol S, which would be more dangerous). You can find up to 50 mcg of the substance from canned tomatoes; their acidity makes them more difficult to pack than most products, which is why it is difficult to find a healthy alternative. Your best option is to avoid them. Keep yourself in the fresh organic tomatoes, or at a pinch, tomatoes kept in glass jars.

6. Non-organic celery

Non-organic celery is the dirtiest of all vegetables – the Environmental Working Group has made dozens and dozens of different pesticides in non-organic celery. As for apples, choose organic celery, or abstain.

7. Bad foods: margarine

If the margarine had no food color, it would be a beautiful shade of gray. In addition, although margarine is often considered a healthy version of the butter (there is no cholesterol, no?) It is also a terrible source of trans fat – which in fact increases your cholesterol. Here is your good excuse to turn to ghee, coconut oil, or of course, olive oil!

8. Milk with artificial hormones

Many farmers give their cows artificial hormones to produce more milk – it’s good for their sales, but not so good for our health. These hormones raise the levels of another hormone, IGF-1 , which is one of the factors that increase cancer in humans.

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