8 common objects that you should not keep in your bathroom

Our bathroom is a place for many of our hygiene needs, but doing so is not really a good idea. We think it’s a clean place, but in reality it’s beset with dirt, bacteria and other germs. Here are 8 things you should never keep in your bathroom.

1. The jewels.

It’s easy to store your jewelry in this place because that’s where most of your beauty routine takes place, but the moisture present, especially if you live in a damp place, can be damaging to the metal clasps and the silver dulls faster than if the jewels were stored dry.

2. Condoms.

Who keeps the condoms in the bathroom anyway? Your medicine cabinet may seem like the right place, unobtrusive to hide them, but they are better in the drawer of the bedside table. Exposure to heat and moisture will reduce their effectiveness and increase the risk of them breaking.

3. The perfume.

Again, it would be logically perfect to keep the eau de cologne and the perfume in the bathroom because that’s where the beauty takes place, but the very hot showers that heat the room can turn the perfume more quickly.Keep them in the room or in a place where the temperature is better regulated.

4. Brushes for makeup.

Make-up brushes must be kept clean to keep your skin healthy. The bathrooms are full of mildew, bacteria and other unpleasant germs, and wet makeup brushes are the perfect place for their development. Keep them elsewhere.

5. Makeup.

It is also better to put the makeup elsewhere, as in a drawer of the room. The heat and humidity will damage the makeup much faster than if kept in a cool and dry place.

6. Razors.

The damp environment in a bathroom can rust razor blades, sometimes sometimes even before you have had time to use them. So keep them in a dry place to avoid rust.

7. Contraceptive pills.

All medications and capsules can degrade and become less effective in a hot, humid environment, and it’s twice as bad for birth control pills. They may expire before the specified date and may not even work properly when taken. Keep them in a cool, dry place away from heat and moisture.

8. The toothbrush.

When you flush, it splashes everywhere. It has been discovered that about 60% of toothbrushes contain faeces on them when stored in the bathroom, and then brush their teeth with them. Store them elsewhere and always use a toothbrush lid.

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