7 Tips for staying zen when interacting with people you do not like

Of course, you know for a fact that we do not live in a perfect world and the imperfections that surround us are what make life interesting. You may meet people who are spreading negative energy, but it’s important to accept that many of the people you interact with in life will not be as caring or kind as you want. Inevitably, you may also disappoint other people.

You will gain acceptance that you can not get along with everyone and think that you can work with people you do not like. It is a great learning experience for your personal development and compassion for both yourself and others. Here are seven tips for living those difficult relationships and staying calm and authentic.

7 Tips for staying zen when interacting with people you do not like:

1. Know that what you do not like about others is often what you do not like in yourself.

It’s hard to hear, is not it? But the reality is that very often you project your own uncertainties or fears in others. So before adding someone to your list of people you do not like, take a moment to consider exactly what you do not like. Do an honest introspection.

It is not easy to love everyone you meet, but with empathy, you will be able to rub shoulders with everyone while being imperturbable.

2. Create a space for yourself

If you really have trouble with this person, allow yourself to take some space. Go to work in another room, sit at the other end of the conference table. You can also give yourself some psychological space; realize that you do not need to respond to their comments in the group email. You are also not obliged to take part in the discussions it initiates. This time and space will be beneficial for you and you will be able to better deal with the person and / or situation that is stressing you.

3. Honor your ability to stay neutral

Once you have decided that you do not “like” someone, it’s so easy to see the negative in everything he does. Remember that the person you do not like is not inherently bad. She also has family and friends who love and look forward to her.

You do not have to love this person, but realize the difference between “not getting along” with someone and actively harboring a grudge against them. Getting carried away seems the easiest option when something or someone puts you out of you and, finally, negativity becomes a vicious circle and only makes things worse. Cultivate your ability to remain neutral or positive within yourself.

4. Play the patience card

You usually tend to make an opinion as soon as someone says something that shocks you. Even if you do not intend to pass judgment, it is sometimes stronger than you.

For now, take a deep breath and take a big step backwards. Replace this simple gesture with a similar attitude in a difficult interaction. Before you make hasty conclusions, play the card of patience or reflection. You will cultivate a more open mind and heart.

5. Develop a positive state of mind

Any question starting with the words “and if …” is powerful. It allows you to apprehend any context according to its infinite alternatives. Needless to say, in a situation or interaction that you perceive as negative, there is inevitably a way to reconsider it in a positive light. Develop a positive mindset and consider different solutions.

6. Give the benefit of the doubt

It’s simple, but it’s not necessarily the easiest thing. For example, if someone gets past you in the queue, try to signify that it’s not easy to find your way around. In this way, this person has a chance of redemption (after all, we can all be careless).

7. Set boundaries

If this person makes you feel exactly the same each time you are in relationship, consider setting limits that will keep you sane. If she is still referring to her money (while you are financially stressed) tell her politely that your New Year’s resolution is to talk to your accountant about money.

If someone asks too many personal questions, you can point it out. If he irritates you with his political or religious diatribes, gently invite him to avoid those conversations that make you feel uncomfortable.

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