7 things that narcissists are really afraid of

Of course, no one likes disrespect. But as narcissists have a high opinion of themselves, they need others to do the same thing. They do not tolerate at all when someone treats them with disrespect. This makes them totally crazy and they take it very personally. They can be resentful for years.


As they have a high opinion of themselves, narcissists do not support rejection. They need to think that everyone is interested in them and that their whole lives revolve around them too. For them, rejection is a painful thing that makes them uncertain and they do not support this feeling. This can mean that a narcissistic person has a hard time trusting others because they are too scared to risk getting hurt. When things go wrong, they tend to move away and claim that the break was their choice from the beginning.


Narcissists must feel perfect. When something starts to change like their appearance, their work, or their overall success, they do not know how to deal with it. They can become even more abusive and egocentric. They start attacking you and taking everything personally, which brings a lot of negative vibrations. Generally, they end up being depressed, irritable and mean.


Death scares the narcissists, and that makes sense because they love to have control over everything. Death is, unfortunately, something that can not be controlled in any way, it’s quite natural. These people can not stand the thought that they will leave one day. Some narcissists may even be afraid of life after or hell, because deep down, they knew they hurt others.


A narcissist does not always act fairly and equitably. They do what is best for them, often to the detriment of others. When you call them or start accusing them of something, they lose their heads. They may be very angry with you because they are unable to recognize their own mistakes. They love to point out the mistakes of others, but they do not recognize theirs. The narcissists try to turn the situation against you and blame you for their own mistakes. They can be very manipulative and convincing and, in the end, you could become the one who apologizes.


Narcissists are very worried about what others think of them. They pay close attention to their image and reputation. If anyone makes fun of them, it’s the end of the world. They can not stand being in a vulnerable position. Nevertheless, they can make fun of others and make self-mockery without feeling bad.


Narcissists need attention. It does not matter if it’s positive or negative attention, just be there. They can not stand when people ignore them or do not notice them. They want to be the center of everything, so they would rather have a scene or a drama put in the spotlight than stay still in a corner.

Try to avoid the narcissistic people in your life because they bring a lot of negativity and drama. But if you have to deal with it, remember what scares them so that you can use it against them when they try to manipulate you or dominate you.

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