7 things that happen when you’re not happy in your relationship

Good communication is essential in a relationship. If there is no longer trust in each other to tell you your worries and that it overwhelms you, it is quite possible that the spark has gone out.

When we are in a relationship, it can fill us and be motivating to meet and face the challenges that life gives us.

For this, it is essential that there remains this “spark” of love and passion that is often very present during the first months of a relationship.

However, the passage of time plays against this spark, especially when both people fall into routine and monotony and do nothing to get out of it.

This is why in our time many couples are not able to get along and end up arguing, without really knowing why.

This is why it is very difficult to support a relationship when you know that you are no longer happy.

And if we do not pay attention it can give rise to emotions that will prevent us from fully enjoying love and life.

There are attitudes and feelings that do not deceive when love is tarnished or we are no longer happy in a relationship.

It is very important to know these behaviors because they are the ones who invite to make a final decision or to act to revive the flame of love.

7 things that happen when you’re not happy in your relationship:

1. There is no physical or emotional connection

It is difficult to have the same connection as before? You have lost these demonstrations of tenderness? Do not you feel the same physical desire for the other?

If you are in this situation, it means that the relationship is weakened or even exhausted.

The loss of emotional and physical connection, even in intimate relationships, reveals that the couple is no longer happy.

2. There is little or almost no communication

When there is no more desire and confidence it is almost a sign of the failure of the relationship.

To have a healthy and happy relationship, communication is one of the essential keys and losing this exchange creates a lot of problems.

You’re bored ? You hardly talk anymore when you are together? Are you no longer so comfortable discussing your problems?

A positive answer to all these questions shows that you are no longer happy with this person.

3. You compare the present with the past

Any relationship must accept that the first moments were the best, because there was a lot of passion and unforgettable moments.

However, it is difficult to pretend that things will not change, because one way or another, a couple enters a comfort zone.

We can come out only when we decide to do things differently.

Compare how your relationship was before, prove that you are no longer happy and that you need more attention from the loved one.

4. You claim that your partner has changed

Claiming that a person changes their way of being and wanting them to fit into a mold is a serious mistake and can hurt the relationship.

If you fell in love with someone, why would you change it now?

If you can not help it, it is quite possible that the happiness of each of you is elsewhere.

5. You make no effort to improve the relationship

When the relationship goes bad and everything indicates that the two people are not happy, there are two solutions.

Either we close this chapter of the book of his life, or we fight to revive it and find again the strength to maintain the union.

If you do not want to fight, or the strength to respond to your partner’s efforts to improve your relationship, it’s better to put an end to it.

6. Everything your spouse does or says becomes embarrassing

It does not matter if what your partner says or says good intention, it irritates you and you can get angry without apparent reasons.

If you do not agree with his ideals, let him go and think about what you want for your future.

7. You avoid it very often

Your spouse phones you, invites you out or looks for a reason to see you, but you find an even more effective excuse for not going to his appointments.

Losing the interest in being together and preferring to do other things like spending time with loved ones, watching TV or being alone is a clear sign of the inconvenience you feel at being with him.

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