7 things that appeal to women, and to which men do not attach enough importance

Contrary to what people think and often say, women do not ask a lot of things to men. When you take a closer look, it is perhaps finally these gentlemen who are the most demanding vis-à-vis their partner! In fact, one could even summarize women’s expectations of seven things – seven qualities that a woman looks for in the man who will have to share their life.

These seven qualities of “the perfect man” are ultimately very simple, yet any woman will tell you that they are actually quite rare and hard to find. And yet, these are qualities of which all men are potentially capable!

These are seven little things that are finally available to all, but the fact is that many men ignore them. In the end, it’s as simple as that.

Things that appeal to women

Here are 7 simple things you can do to be, in his eyes, the perfect man:

1. Be honest – but always with a certain tact

A woman does not want, obviously, a man who is likely to lie to him on important topics. She wants her man to consider her as one of the most important things in her life, just as she will do for her. She wants to know the substance of her thought, to know what is going on in her life, and above all, to be able to give her all her confidence.

She will want him to tell her about the things that drive him, that he likes or revels him. She will appreciate that he talks to her about her memories, the good ones as well as the bad ones. She does not want him to feel the need to lie to her, because the lies are ultimately far worse than the mistakes. And yet, most women do not want the truth either at all costs and in all circumstances. In some cases, what may seem to men as a perfect demonstration of honesty and sincerity, will be perceived by women as a screaming lack of tact!

If the hairdresser has obviously missed her haircut and she asks you if it’s so horrible, tell her that she’s still as beautiful as before, and that the big hole that clumsy scissors have cut into his hair is not seen, in the end, not that much. If she complains of a little pimple on her nose that she can not hide, ask her what button she is talking about, because you do not see anything. We all have our heads sometimes bad – but we do not need anyone to point it out.

In the end, in a couple, you always have to tell the truth and be honest – except for questions that touch things as futile and superficial as appearances …

2. Know how to understand

She wants you to know her on the fingertips, whether outside or inside. Why ? Because it is only from that moment that you can truly fall in love with her, and that she is deeply.

Men and women, we have many personalities: there is the face that most people see on the outside, and there is the person that we are “really”. And this is valid for everyone, we need the certainty that the person who shares our life loves us for our deepest being. That’s why a woman gives a lot of value to men who give her the feeling that she does not need to explain herself, and who can understand it without the slightest word being exchanged.

3. Take care of her, let her know how important she is to you

To feel that a person loves you and takes care of you, it also means that you are not alone in this life. Many people are forced to take care of themselves, and in truth, it is much more difficult than we think. We are not always in good physical or mental condition to take care of ourselves, and unfortunately it is often in these situations that we need it the most. No matter if you are a man or a woman, we all appreciate the feeling of having a solid shoulder to lean on when times are tough.

She wants you to be there for her when she needs someone, help her carry her burden. Yes, it sounds a bit crazy like that, but she also wants you to help her face life, endure misfortunes, make her life easier. And she will be there too for you when all the rest has left you. It’s a good deal, is not it?

4. Things that appeal to women: Be strong – mentally, if possible. Physically, optional.

Of course, as living beings, we remain influenced by the carnal side of everything and need some physical attraction to stimulate love passion. Men are generally attracted by certain “characteristics” of the female body (no, we are not going to draw you a picture), and women are generally attracted more by muscular and athletic bodies than by almost non-existent men.

Yet, is this really the most important thing in the end? You can be reassured if you have a musculature slightly below that of a professional rugby player, because mental strength is much more in favor of a man’s virility than physical appearance alone. A strong man is not necessarily the one who is able to lift 100 kg at arm’s length, but he is able to maintain a grip and control over himself and his emotions. A mentally strong man is a man with convictions, strong opinions that he will defend at all costs. He is a smart and confident man who knows what he is talking about and who knows where he is going. And for once, unlike the physical demands, it’s something everyone can do, but unfortunately it does not run so much on the streets – it requires a lot more work on oneself than lifting dumbbells.

After, if you can combine both, it’s just a bonus!

5. To be able to empathize, to be compassionate – in short, to be able to love.

For a woman, a loving man is not only one who will be able to love her, she. He is a man full of love for life, for the world, for living things. Believe it or not, but a woman is above all looking for a good man, a man whom other people will look at with respect, admiration and appreciation. She wants a man who knows how to be kind and who behaves positively with others.

Contrary to some forums that boast of infallible seduction advice, women do not see characteristics such as kindness, kindness or compassion as signs of weakness. It’s the exact opposite. Men are told that to be considered strong and virile you must free yourself from all emotion, enter a logic of competition, suppress all signs of tenderness and not give a gift. It is a pity, but it is unfortunately symptomatic of the world in which we live. A woman does not need that. You do not, either.

A man who can be good, while knowing how to defend firmly and uncompromisingly the values ​​that are important to him, is what really gives off the greatest charm.

6. Being passionate and having an active life

When a person is passionate, it becomes, at the same time, exciting. Whatever your passion, whatever the things that make you vibrate, women generally look for men who live their lives thoroughly and who give shape to their dreams.

A man who knows how to be passionate about a particular thing also has the capacity to feel a passion for the woman who occupies his thoughts … And he will also know how to embark on his dreams and make him share the things that animate him.

7. Show fidelity to any test, and have eyes only for her.

Gentlemen, if you want a woman to have eyes only for you, know that the simplest thing is to give her back first. You know the proverb which says that we must treat others as we would like them to treat us: it is only more true in this case. What is love, finally, if it is not reciprocal?

You will never be the most perfect man on earth, as she will never be the most beautiful woman in the world. And you do not need to be, that’s not what matters in the end: What matters is that it is perfect for you, and that you are perfect to his. She will want you to tell her that she is the best thing that has happened to you in your life, she will want to be your queen, the most beautiful and the most wonderful woman in the world in your eyes dazzled with love.

And if you are that perfect man for her, and if she is also that perfect woman for you, then have no doubt about it: she will repay you.

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