7 stretches in 7 minutes to relieve lower back pain

In people under 45, lower back pain is the leading cause of disability. It is estimated that over 80% of people suffer in France, and earlier and earlier. This is mainly caused by a bad repeated position, a peak of stress or an unhealthy lifestyle.

Thanks to these 7 easy-to-reach positions and lasting only 7 minutes , you will be able to relieve your back pain. Obviously in parallel do not forget to: monitor his weight, or exercise, learn to relaxDiscover these postures, preferably on a flat surface (if you have an exercise mat or yoga is the must).

  • Relieve your pain: Stretch tendon vote

Hold this position for 30 seconds for each leg.

  • Try to put your knee on your chest

This helps to relax and strengthen your buttocks. Hold this position 20 seconds for each leg.

Your back needs exercise. Breathe well, inhale and exhale to release muscle tension. You can do this position as long as you want, without forcing too much.

3. Stretch your pelvis

Hold this position for 30 seconds and change legs.

  • Stretch the back of your thigh

Hold for 30 seconds and repeat the movement.

  • Stretch your quads

Hold each leg for 30 seconds, then switch sides.

  • Stretch your entire back

Hold 30 seconds and then try this position:

Hold for 10 seconds on each side.

Do not hesitate to tell us if it relieves your lower back pain (after several weeks of stretching, of course …)!

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