7 Smaller sentences even stronger than I love you

In a relationship, life is not always rosy. It happens to be facing problems or delicate situations. To know that one is supported and supported by one’s partner is a beautiful proof of love. It’s reassuring to know that we are not alone. The trials of life are experienced differently when we know ourselves loved and supported.

2- I support you even if you do

This reassuring phrase means everything. She expresses unconditional love, support and presence. In addition to expressing feelings, this phrase brings serenity because, whatever happens, the partner will always support the other.

3- You changed my life

Eh yes ! Since this person came into your life and everything seems different. Life is beautiful and you can not wait to get together and enjoy it to the fullest. It’s the miracle of love.

Phrases stronger than I love you

4- I need you by my side

All these things that we did alone no longer have any taste. Outings, trips, walks are so much more enjoyable with your partner. Even the most futile things are more interesting to two.

5- Do not change especially

“I want you as you are, especially do not change”. With this phrase, your partner declares to love you with your qualities and faults. He knows these and accepts them. He does not try to model you according to his desires. He loves you and respects you as you are, with your opinions and your feelings.

6- Do you want the last ice?

Your partner is in the sharing until the end. He gives with pleasure to please you!

7- Do you want to marry me?

You love yourself and you can not imagine life without your companion. Formalizing your relationship is the ultimate expression of the love you feel.

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