More often than not, we are emotionally and physically disconnected from ourselves. We feel different states of discomfort and we do not pay enough attention in the whirlwind of everyday life. The main reasons are related to stress, bad habits, our personal and professional environment, fear of showing our vulnerability, lack of resources, etc.

All of this has the effect of damaging our quality of life, making us feel a lot of discomfort in our emotions and our body, to promote burnout and depression, until the accumulation carries our body having to give even more signals strong to linger. Yes, your body is talking to you. Before you share various thoughts, I invite you to answer this very important question. How can you describe yourself in one word? What comes spontaneously? … I’ll talk about it at the end of this sharing. It’s really indicative of your condition.

7 main signals. What are the solutions ?

Through my 20 years of experience in the health and wellness field with hundreds of thousands of people, I have identified 7 main signals that demonstrate that our body speaks to us and that we lack listen to you very often. I present them here, accompanied by suggestions of simple but powerful antidotes that will help you improve your quality of life.


1. The disease, the discomforts, often act as agents of change . If we feel good in ourselves, it shows that our ways of doing things are more in line with our values ​​and that they create joy in us. If you feel bad emotionally or physically, you are against yourself somewhere. Have transformations become necessary, but not heard? As a first step, calmly and quietly ask yourself what needs to be improved on a daily basis and take the time to feel what is coming up inside you.

2. You want to be deeply happy in your whole life, but this is not the case … Is it time to stop making you believe that all is well and dare to ask for help and move on to action? Do you offer enough rest, nutrients, calm, sweetness to your body?

It is heard if we disrespect it through our behaviors and emotions that stress. What will you do concretely today, so that it starts to change gradually?

3. Do you feel overwhelmed by events and feel tensions of any kind ?

Watch yourself act and react on a daily basis. Are you perpetuating old beliefs, attitudes, ways of doing things that are destroying you? It hurts your cells, your balance, your well-being. To have different results, one must act differently. Indulge yourself again and again and dare to finally choose you. Maybe you show this at home ‘I choose myself’, feel it and act in that direction.

4. Do you have pain, sadness or other persistent difficult emotions, discomfort?

What do you think are the messages your body is trying to send you? Is it time, for example, to slow down further, to talk to a person with whom a conflict persists, to take time for you without guilt, to please you more often, to see your doctor, a practitioner on the plan? psychological, energetic, emotional according to your beliefs? As a child, enjoy doing activities to stimulate your joie de vivre, your laughter. Dare and be honest with yourself, your deep self knows what is good for you.

5. Is there a household to do in your life (types of friends, work, leisure, habits, … )

To defuse a repetitive discomfort? Come on! it is a pure pleasure to choose you. There is no ego to want to create a sweet and happy life. From this state of peace, health, happiness, we can then draw on to help others. Otherwise, we give what we do not have enough for ourselves. If it is necessary, what should you eliminate from your life with respect always, to create your ultimate happiness and what will you add thereafter?

6. Also beware of the hidden benefits of a health problem.

I have often seen people end up with weakened immune systems and prolonged recovery. The following example will tell everything. One day, at the end of a conference, a man comes to me with an arm in a sling and says, “I do not understand why my arm is not healing and my doctor is not either. I spontaneously asked him: “What would happen if your arm was healed? And he replied immediately and with disconcerting spontaneity: “I would have to go back to work. “

What a surprise reaction when he got along. He was tired of working as an electrician and wanted to change jobs to help, but did not dare. The message was clear. I saw him a few years later and he was a speaker. I spare you the details, but the essence of the message speaks volumes, does not it? If a discomfort persists, ask yourself what it prevents you from doing or allow you to take a vacation, to have attention … I know that these words seem particular, but I could study it and see him frequently in innumerable people. Continuous stress weakens the immune system.

7. Do you listen to what life demands in you ?

And if sickness or gloom were the symptoms of something deeper …? By its feelings, its very form, its state, the body exteriorizes what is good in itself and what is less well. So, I invite you to think about what may have happened in your life, six months or a year before the onset of such discomfort or illness, if any. Many answers may be there for a possible trigger.

Finally, when I asked you to describe yourself in one word at the beginning, what came to mind ? Is it the word: love or stress or tired or sad or happy, etc. ? It said a lot about your daily reality …

Health, wellness and joie de vivre guide my life!

In the light of my 20 years of experience and 2000 lectures and TV presentations, private practice and complex research done during the writing of my various books, I have developed several contents that can help anyone in all spheres of his life. Although very effective, these antidotes are still rather sketchy and may not meet your specific reality. Hoping, however, that this activates more your own solutions.

One of the reasons I love my job as a speaker, coach, author and company trainer across different countries, among others, is that I work with the human relationship in each of my interventions. Thus, I can help the person to self-empower their well-being, their deep joy, the art of setting their life goals and achieving them, while maintaining in place the best assets to boost overall health more flourishing.

Source 7 SIGNS THAT YOUR BODY SPEAKS: To find out more, I suggest you my book “Emotions, joie de vivre and self-healing. The conscience beyond the evils “and to visit the bibliography and audio-graphie on