7 signs that some of your friends do not support you

Having good support can elevate you, but bad support can destroy you. So many people recommend to surround yourself with a positive environment with good friends. Sometimes it’s hard to let some friends go, we find excuses for them and for ourselves, but we can not ignore those 7 signs. If they do that to you, cut the bridges. You will thank yourself later.

1. Money is always a problem.

These people will constantly borrow and ask for favors, but will not return them. They will think that they can charge you the bill and try somehow to make you pay. They consider you as their wallet. They stay with the people who support them financially.

2. They do not do what they say they will do for you

In other words, they do not think what they say. A true friend goes after things. Beautiful speeches only crush you.

3. Your friends are too busy.

If you want to take time for someone, you can. If they are too busy for you, reevaluate your friendship.

4. It does not matter if you are having trouble, only your success matters to them

Once you have reached the summit, you suddenly attract a flock around you. They do not care about the struggles and challenges you have faced. If this is the case, they will not be there for you when you really need it. True friends are proud to see the path you have traveled.

5. They want to compare themselves

A true friend would not try to make you feel uncomfortable and not compare to you. They are always happy for you.

6. Your friends feed on dramas

If your friend is constantly gossiping or stabbing in the back, he’s not a true friend or even a good person. True friends are mature and act like adults.

7. You start to question yourself because of them

If your friends are questioning you and your lifestyle, then cut the bridges. Find friends who inspire you and raise you up. Do not lie, you know how you feel.

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