7 received ideas on the benefits of lemon

True. Do you use 10 handkerchiefs a day when you have a cold? Unwrap your bottle of lemon essential oil to heal faster and naturally. According to the pharmacist Thomas Kassab, “the lemon would fight against twenty germs”. “Thanks to its antioxidants and vitamin C, it boosts the immune system. It is an excellent antiseptic, antibiotic and antiviral, “says the pharmacist. Associated with propolis, a resin recovered by bees during foraging, lemon becomes the health asset par excellence. “Pour a few drops of lemon essential oil on a propolis tablet and swallow it. There are also solutions for the throat that you can spray directly on the sore spot, “adds the professional.

It reduces brown spots on the skin

True. If its whitening action on the nails is not certain, its effect on the small brown spots of the hands is proved! “The acids in the lemon have an exfoliating effect and help regulate pigmentation locally. Without erasing them, the lemon will soften and brighten the spots. Rub a slice of organic, ripe lemon on the stains daily. The results will be visible after three to four weeks. But watch out for irritations on fragile and dry skin! “If your skin is irritated, switch to use every other day,” says dermatologist Nina Roos.

Contrary to what one thinks, the lemon does not really illuminate the mane. In fact, citric acid discolors, attacks and dries the hair.

Lemon clears hair

True, but beware!The lemon does not really light up the mane, but citric acid discolors the hair. In addition, “he attacks the hair and dries it! Warns Gilles, a technician at Leonor Greyl. Good to know: like vinegar, “lemon neutralizes limestone water. It shines and gives volume to the hair, “adds the expert.

In the shower, pour a few drops of a lemon squeezed into the rinsing water. You can also prepare your own rinsing water and mix 10 cl of lemon juice with mineral water. And what about the traditional hair mask olive oil and lemon? “The lemon is aggressive and the olive oil is fat-soluble, so it’s very difficult to rinse. I advise against this mixture, “says the hairdresser.

7 received ideas on the benefits of lemon

He whitens his teeth

False. There is no point in soaking your toothbrush in a glass of lemon water to get a colgate smile. Like baking soda, citrus has no effect on the whiteness of teeth: “There is only hydrogen peroxide dosed and used in dental office that whitens teeth,” says Brigitte Scotto di Mase-Gossin, dentist in Marseille. The false reflex beauty would even produce the opposite effect: “The acidity of the lemon attacks the enamel, the protective covering of the tooth, and allows the coloring to fix. The gums retract, the nerve endings are exposed and this leads to hypersensitivity to hot or cold, “adds the professional.

For an ultra bright smile, no quick fix. Brush your teeth three times a day with a soft brush so as not to damage the enamel, limit your consumption of tobacco, coffee and tea and, finally, go to the dentist twice a year for a descaling.

Each morning, mix the juice of a lemon in warm water or at room temperature. Opt for an organic lemon preferably, and squeeze it yourself without adding sugar.

It facilitates digestion

True. If you ever succumbed to a Savoyard fondue the night before, make sure you wake up with a flourish. Dietitian Florence Foucaut, a member of the French Association of Dietitians and Nutritionists (AFDN), explains: “The more fatty foods are, the more bile is needed to digest them. Citric acid from lemon stimulates the secretion of bile in the liver. The lemon fibers facilitate intestinal transit. “

Each morning, mix the juice of a lemon in warm water or at room temperature. Opt for an organic lemon preferably, and squeeze it yourself without adding sugar. The more adventurous can also eat it to take advantage of its fibers. Drink in moderation for people with weak stomachs because lemons can attack them. Do not buy bottled juice. They are heated at high temperature to kill germs: the virtues of lemon are diminished.

Lemon makes you lose weight

False.May Gwyneth Paltrow stop selling us her morning lemon juice as a slimming secret! “No food makes you lose weight! Says pharmacist Thomas Kasaab. Dietitian Florence Foucaut adds: “The citric acid of lemon helps to digest lipids but does not prevent them from being stored. To date, no study proves that lemons lose weight. “

It’s a detoxifier

True.This is not a reason to force on the mojito tonight. By stimulating the production of bile in the liver, “the lemon cleanses the body. Toxins in the body and those from the diet are eliminated more quickly, “says the dietician. The day after an excess, drink the juice of an organic lemon mixed with a glass of warm water or at room temperature.

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