7 crucial rules of Facebook that you should not break

I like Facebook, as you’ll probably guess. Chances are you have found this article on it! It’s a great way to stay in touch with people near and far. And of course, like everywhere else in life, there are certain rules to respect.

1. “Vaguebooking”.

We all know what “wavebooking” is. When someone publishes a status update that is intentionally vague, to draw attention or to avenge the person responsible for his condition. An example of vaguebooking? “I’m so upset right now. I never thought it could happen! “

2. The ads.

It’s not a bad thing to advertise on Facebook. It’s an easy way to get an important message to a large number of people with varying levels of importance in your life. Remember what you did before Facebook and e-mails when you had to announce a big news? Here’s the tip: If it’s big news, call your close friends and family first.

3. Spread your other social media on Facebook.

If you’re on Facebook, there’s a good chance you’re not interested in what’s happening on their twitter or Google +. Keep Facebook just as Facebook. If we wanted to see what you’re pinning, we would go to your Pinterest.

4. Talk about the problems of your friends.

It’s very nice of you to want to help your friends with the problems they are going through, but they do not necessarily want to expose their problems. “Suzy’s little girl has a cancer let’s pray for her! Maybe Suzy did not want to be flooded with messages with prayers and home remedies for cancer! Always ask first.

5. Denigrate his ex.

We know it, you hate your ex. I think we all hate one or two ex. It’s normal. But do not post it on Facebook. Chances are you’ll have many friends in common and you do not need to show it to everyone. Instead, go out, grab a beer, and say what you have on your heart to a friend or two. Not to everyone you have never met.

6. Your every move

You just ate a sandwich? Great. But do not post it on Facebook. You bought a beautiful dress at the mall? Good for you. On the way to the gym? Nobody cares. Facebook is a place to share information, but it should not look like a personal itinerary of your day.

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