6 warning signs of a nervous breakdown you should never ignore

Professionally, a nervous breakdown is classified as a stressful situation that causes a person’s inability to function normally in everyday life. Generally, this type of depression is caused by stress and anxiety when someone feels overwhelmed in certain aspects of their life. Work, relationships and social stress can all be causes of a nervous breakdown.

It is important to note that this type of depression is not a medical condition, the name itself is not a medical term. However, this may indicate that some mental problems need to be addressed and resolved. It is a way for your body and mind to tell you that you have reached the limits. Here are 6 telltale signs of a nervous breakdown that you should not ignore.

Inability to concentrate

Your mind has been focused on too much stuff for too long, and now it is unable to focus on a particular task.

Stress has the power to increase storage space in the brain and help you focus, but chronic stress can cause the opposite. In severe cases, stress can actually begin to destroy the brain’s ability to keep memory.


Anxiety is caused by fear, most often intense and chronic. Because of the anxiety, it becomes almost impossible to see beyond the present moment because of a feeling of paralysis. Phobias are usually associated with anxiety because fear itself causes people to stress. Try some natural remedies like yoga or exercise before turning to medications.

An irregular heartbeat

Nervous breakdown can be identified by several physical symptoms, but the irregular heartbeat tends to be the most common. During this type of depression, you may feel that your heart is pounding your chest, making breathing difficult. This can make the problem worse and you may find it hard to calm down.

An irregular sleep

When you’re stressed, it can be difficult to get a good night’s rest. Sometimes intense stress can make you sleep too much. You will always wake up feeling like you have not slept very well, or as if you have been in bed all day.

Insomnia can keep you awake for hours, wake up several times during the night, or wake up too early.

Tension headaches

Stress and anxiety can cause intense headaches.

They are able to manifest themselves physically, and cringe our body. This tension eventually moves to the head and causes pain. If you feel slouched or unable to walk, try to correct your posture and relieve neck muscles.

Stomach upset

Stress, nervousness and anxiety can be the root of chronic stomach pain. Your digestive system is directly related to your mental health, so when it does not work, it’s probably because your brain is also struggling to function. Irritable bowel syndrome is triggered by the immune system’s reaction to excessive levels of stress.

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