6 unhealthy foods that should be removed from your refrigerator

I know what we are going to say to me we can not eat anything, but think for a moment that would mean that before the processed and frozen products they ate nothing? Let’s be reasonable return to a more simple and balanced diet.

Many people think that their refrigerator is filled with fresh, or slightly processed essential foods, but some of the staple foods that you often rely on would be better off staying at the grocery store.

In fact, we think that these foods are healthy because of the unconscious messages that are sent to us, the misleading labeling of certain foods. Here are the worst foods you can have in your home, which should be discarded as soon as possible …

6 dangerously unhealthy foods:

1. Fries frozen.

Do not think that homemade fries are healthier than restaurant fries. All frozen potatoes are usually lightly fried, resulting in an extremely high amount of fat and sodium, and cause you to gain weight faster than many other foods.

To make healthy fries, cut your favorite potatoes by leaving the skin, add a drizzle of olive oil and salt, and cook until crispy.

2. Ice creams.

Even if a single serving of ice cream is only 150 calories, once you take the ice cream jar, you rarely limit yourself to one serving. Ice cream is classified as a food trigger, because when we began to eat it, it is difficult to know when to stop, which leads to you eat twice as much fat and sugar than expected.

Try a sweet frozen Greek yogurt with fruit and honey for a healthy alternative.

3. Sweet sodas.

A soda has about 140 calories and several teaspoons of sugar, and artificial sweeteners in light sodas are not better for you. If you drink two or more cans or bottles of all kinds, you have 50% risk in addition to developing cardiovascular diseases, including heart disease.

In addition, it slows the metabolism, and can cause its permanent weakening over time. Teas, or water are healthier options to quench your thirst.

4. Frozen vegetarian dinners.

There are better ways to have your vegetables, than with broccoli, cauliflower in a weird cheese sauce, which you find in the frozen department of your grocery store.

Vegetables could be good and fresh if they were frozen early enough, but the sauces that come with them have large amounts of sodium and trans fat, so if you want frozen vegetables, choose the ones that are natural, and add a little olive oil for a healthier alternative.

5. The mayonnaise.

Mayonnaise is a staple that adds flavor to a burger or sandwich. However, it contains a huge amount of unnecessary calories that can turn a healthy sandwich into something very caloric, but if you crave a creamy condiment for your sandwich, pesto might be the answer.

Pesto has a delicious flavor and healthy oils that are good for your heart.

6. Dairy products low in fat.

Low fat dairy products are not the healthy choice you believe. Some foods like avocados, oils and nuts contain healthy fats that are essential for your health.

In reality, dairy products contain these fats, so options without fats would not be as healthy as whole milk. The same goes for yogurt and cheese products. A nutritional study was conducted, proving that many whole dairy products help reduce your daily caloric intake, and lead to weight loss.

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