6 types of emotional abuse that narcissistic parents inflict on their children

When a child shows normal emotions, he may be seriously affected until he no longer knows how to behave. It can be treated with harsh words and can be abandoned for the most mundane actions. The child will grow up feeling constantly scared and intimidated.

The child may also hear other forms of abuse at home and may experience them personally with one or both parents.

  • Scream and curse
  • Unpredictable and inconsistent responses to the child’s actions
  • To argue with other family members in front of the child
  • Threaten the child to harm the things, people or animals he likes
  • Inconstant emotions
  • Tell the child that he does not belong to the rest of the family
  • Embarrassing the child in front of peers
  • Threaten to drive the child out of the house
  • Ridiculate the child in front of other people
  • Forcing the child to watch acts with which the child is uncomfortable
  • Threaten to abandon the child at home or in public
  • Verbal threats
  • Excessive and malicious teasing


They are narcissistic parents who expose their children to things they should not see as violence, criminal activity and even intimate activities. It is also parents who force their children to steal or harm other people and animals. Encouraging children to engage in illegal activities is already a form of corruption.

  • Give rewards when children participate in bullying behavior
  • Encourage children to become violent to sport
  • Strengthen any intimate activity
  • Reward a child for abusing substances
  • Allow children to promote illegal activities
  • Provide illegal substances to children and adolescents
  • Allow a child to lie, cheat and steal
  • Teach racism or fanaticism


It is a tendency of parents to assign activities to children that they should not be responsible for yet. Exploitation involves forcing a child to do something that is more important than a child of that age can handle.

  • Babies and young children are forced to stop crying.
  • The child must look after an adult
  • The child must take care of his other brothers and sisters
  • Blame the child when a young child behaves badly
  • Give the child the responsibility of financially supporting the whole household
  • Intimate abuse of the child or adolescent
  • Give big responsibilities to the child in and out of the house
  • Getting angry when the child can not do something for which he is “responsible”


Narcissistic parents will make sure that children know they are unwanted, that they are mistakes in this world and that they should not have lived. When the value of a child is lowered or when the needs of a child are never satisfied, this is already a form of psychological abuse.

A child may also have to be insulted or rejected by his narcissistic parents.

  • Insult the child
  • Shout after the child
  • Injuring the child
  • Make degrading jokes
  • Tease the child about his weight or height
  • Refuse to give gestures of tenderness to the child
  • Do not include the child in outings and other family activities
  • Constantly make the child feel that he is out of place in the family
  • Prevent the child from making his own choices
  • Treat a teenager as if he were still a child
  • Give up physically
  • Tell the boy / girl that he / she should be the opposite gender
  • Verbal humiliation
  • Use degrading labels
  • Tell the child that he is ugly


There are parents who do not get a lot of attention growing up, so when they become adults and they have their children, they can not meet the needs of their children. They can not show their children the well-being they deserve.

Even if the child tries to get their attention, they will not give him that satisfaction. A parent may be there for the child but will not be able to meet his emotional needs.

  • Do not pay attention to important events of the child at home or at school
  • Do not discuss interests and activities of the child
  • Schedules events without including the child
  • Refuses to provide the necessary dental and health care to the child
  • Do not protect the child
  • Do not engage in interaction with the child
  • Do not accept the child as his offspring
  • Does not take care of the child’s schooling
  • Does not respond to the child’s social behaviors


Narcissistic parents who use isolation as a tactic may prevent the child from being with other children and from other activities that children like to play. A baby can be kept in a room without any stimulation. A teenager may not be allowed to visit friends or participate in other extracurricular activities.

Sometimes, even the child is prevented from going to the bathroom as a form of punishment for what the child would have done. These things can be considered emotional abuse depending on how often these things are done and the severity of the actions.

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