6 Tips against heat: he puts a wet towel on the window.

In the summer, it becomes difficult to sleep because of the intense heat nights that are a real problem. The best way to fight the heat would be for everyone to have an air conditioner. However, this is not the cheapest investment and not everyone can afford this luxury which is often off-price.

In the past, it was not just the air conditioners that refreshed us in the summer, but there were several tips and these are the ones we tend to forget with the advent of the era of technology.

This article delivers you a set of great tips to fight against the terrible temperatures of a summer hot and inflamed.

6 Tips against heat:

1 / A cold pillow:

When you sleep, you keep turning the pillow where it is coldest and one of the things that will surprise you is a strange, but helpful solution to putting your pillow in the fridge.

2 / A wet towel at the edge of the window:

As a natural air conditioner, a wet towel will replace an air conditioner.

In case you have a fan at home, some ice in front of it to spread the cold around you.

3 / Avoid heat in your rooms:

Any electrical device in a room, especially in charge, transmits an excruciating heat in the place where it is. So, we will have to remove everything to sleep in peace.

4 / The wet socks:

Wet socks, especially during warm nights will cool you down. Just put the socks in the freezer, then put them going to sleep.

It also works if we have a few cold showers at our feet each night.


If you want to cool the room before going to sleep, just put ice cubes in front of the fan.


A cold bath will not only cool you down, but it will help you fall asleep more easily. Refreshing your legs leads to an automatic reaction of the body: this will strengthen the circulation towards this part of the body, so that they warm up. This will allow the body to relax and provide a soothing effect for the body whole.

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