6 things that narcissists and sociopaths tell you to drive you crazy

At first, they often seem altruistic and innocent to people in general, but they gradually use their charms and manipulation to get exactly what they want, targeting friends, family, colleagues and partners .

No one escapes from it, and it is very likely that at some point or another you will do it.

You can spot them with these common phrases that sociopaths and narcissists use to make you feel crazy.

You are too sensitive

These people create emotions in others. First, they make compliments and flatter, then they ignore you for days, just waiting to see you react. When you end up doing it, they accuse you of being too sensitive. They insult you, belittle you, and criticize you, often with a humorous tone, pushing your limits until you finally say something. They can easily make someone feel confident about it.

You’re just crazy, jealous, or ______.

When things start to get worse in a relationship, the person starts saying things like “you’re just crazy,” or “you’re just jealous,” and so on. You belittle justify their unhealthy behavior while making you feel insecure.

You over-analyze everything

Sometimes we interpret things too much, but sociopaths and narcissists often do things voluntarily to make you feel paranoid in the hope that you can be made to believe that the problem is coming from you, causing you anxiety and they then claim to be anxious.

You will never survive without me

Once you begin to realize what kind of person you are dealing with, they are doing everything they can to get control, control you by giving you the feeling of being crazy and unable to survive without them.

You dramatize too much

They will tell you that you are dramatizing too much, and they hate the drama, but it will not take you long to realize that they bring their own tornado of drama with them wherever they go. When their bad behavior comes to the surface and you say that you are concerned, they will make you feel guilty about reacting to that instead of solving the problem, telling you that you are dramatizing too much.

You misunderstood me

Misunderstandings are common in relationships, but sociopaths tend to do something known as “gaslighting.” Gaslighting is when you do something that causes a negative reaction, and then blame that person for his negative reaction, telling him that she did not understand what we were trying to say – or that we did not say anything at all.

Of course, you have understood perfectly, they are just trying to make you doubt your mental health.

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