6 incredible health benefits from oil pulling to coconut oil

So, I always wondered what he was doing to keep his mouth clean. And I think I discovered his secret. A centuries-old technique known as “oil pulling” (Ayurvedic mouthwash with oil).

Oil pulling involves placing a tablespoon of first cold-pressed extra virgin organic oil in the mouth and keeping it for 15 to 20 minutes, circulating it in the mouth before spitting it out (discard it to the trash and not in the sink).

Many different oils work, but most people like to use coconut oil.

The oil you keep in your mouth for 20 minutes attaches to any bacteria that can hide in places that your toothbrush can not easily reach. Not to mention that oil pulling offers many other health benefits.

Here are six things that happen once you start oil pulling:

Your teeth become whiter

Organic oils are naturally antibiotic and antiviral, which means they work wonders for cleaning teeth.

You will begin to notice whiter teeth and a healthier mouth after only two weeks of oil pulling. In fact, Gwyneth Paltrow is known for making an oil mouthwash every morning, and her smile is extremely white!

This increases the energy level

When you start the oil pulling, you start to remove a lot of toxic things that accumulate in your mouth.

This is normally the work of the immune system, but as you do in its place, your body does not have to work as hard to clean itself. This means that you have more energy for other functions and you feel better in general.

It helps the body detox

When germs are found in our body, they like to cause problems like inflammation, and diseases. Unfortunately, most germs like to be in the body through the mouth.

So, if we keep our mouths as clean as possible, we can kill the toxins and germs before they spread throughout the body.

Helps to keep a regular hormone production

Hormones can be a sensitive part of the human body. It is best to make them work as normally and regularly as possible, and a good way to do this is to eliminate all other foreign substances that can get in their way. Oil pulling helps to keep a balance.

Helps reduce headaches

When you have a headache or an intense migraine, your body tries to tell you that you have to do things differently. He tries to tell you that he needs help to regenerate himself.

Oil pulling helps rid the body of bacteria that cause prolonged headaches.

Promotes healthy skin

Rather surprisingly, oil pulling even offers health benefits for our skin. When you prevent and eliminate toxins from your system, your skin reaps the benefits.

Keeping your blood clean and healthy has an excellent effect on your skin. Do not be surprised if your skin problems diminish or disappear completely after oil pulling!

Have you ever tried oil pulling? What worked for you?

Risks and side effects of oil pulling

Perhaps the biggest risk is to use it to replace time-tested treatments. For example, some people think that they can replace toothbrushing sessions with oil pulling. “I do not know all the direct risks associated with oil pulling, but using it as a replacement for brushing would definitely increase your risk of cavities,” says Brady at Live Science. The oil pulling will not be able to remove the plate or reduce it enough to make a difference. You have to brush your teeth, and mechanically remove the plaque to protect your teeth from bacteria. “

The ADA also reported that oil pulling could cause lipoid pneumonia, which can develop if the oil gets into the lungs. In addition, according to the ADA, cases of diarrhea or stomach upset have been reported.

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