6 foods you should avoid if you have thyroid problems

If you are diagnosed with thyroid disease or are worried that you have symptoms, be sure to avoid these 6 foods because a thyroid disorder can have a significant impact on your energy, weight, and health. overall.

Foods to avoid if you have thyroid disorders:


Keep blood sugar levels stable by avoiding products that contain refined sugar. Sugary foods can severely affect your pancreatic function, leading to insulin resistance, which can affect your thyroid.

Food frieze

Foods with high levels of trans fat can seriously hinder the effectiveness of thyroid medications. These foods can also have a negative impact on the natural production of thyroid hormone in your body.


Soy can be eaten, but moderately. Soy could inhibit the absorption of your body from treatment in case you have been treating hypothyroidism. It is recommended to wait at least four hours after taking thyroid medication before consuming soybean so that you have enough time for your body to metabolize each substance individually.

This also applies to certain dietary supplements including magnesium and calcium as well as antacids containing aluminum hydroxide or calcium hydroxide.

Thyroid disorders

Cruciferous vegetables

Although cruciferous vegetables are essential for any healthy diet, they should be avoided if you are undergoing treatment for thyroid disease, at least for a while.


Although moderate amounts of coffee are not a problem, excessive coffee consumption can seriously affect your adrenal glands, which in turn leads to a number of thyroid problems and adrenal fatigue. When you drink coffee, your adrenal glands release the hormones adrenaline and norepinephrine.


Since gluten contains gliadin, a protein that is foreign to the human body, the health of your thyroid is always at risk when you consume certain foods containing gluten. Your thyroid has an enzyme that is very similar to gliadin – transglutaminase.

So, when you consume gluten, your immune system triggers an attack reaction on gliadin and the similar enzyme in your thyroid. In fact, your thyroid can be damaged six months after you eat gluten.

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