6 evils that banana treats better than some drugs

Bananas can give your body just what it needs to do well without having to pass a whole bunch of chemicals along the way and wave the specter of side effects at arm’s length!

Banana contains several kinds of sugar and a large amount of fiber. Therefore, this fruit provides energy and can also solve some health problems better than drugs!

6 evils that bananas treat better than drugs:

1. High voltage

Everyone knows that excessive salt intake and potassium deficiency have a negative effect on blood pressure. That’s why it’s recommended to eat a banana each morning, one of the best sources of potassium, to keep your blood pressure at an ideal level.

2. The depression

Tryptophan is found in bananas in the form of proteins that stimulate the secretion of the happiness hormone, serotonin. Just a banana to raise the rate of this hormone. It is so effective that you will feel calm and serene in a few minutes.

3. The stress

Stress speeds up metabolism by lowering potassium levels. The balance can be restored by eating a banana, which contains a lot of potassium and thus normalizes the work of the heart. In addition, banana regulates the amount of water in the body.

6 evils that banana treats better than drugs

4. Constipation

Banana contains pectin, a dietary fiber that speeds up digestion and stimulates the elimination of toxins. In addition, bananas have probiotic properties and stimulate digestion, reduce flatulence and relieve bowel tension due to constipation.

5. Premenstrual syndrome

Banana is rich in vitamin B6 which has a positive effect on glucose levels and relieves premenstrual symptoms. It reduces spasms and regulates mood swings.

If you are prone to stomach upset and intestinal burns, just think about eating bananas. It contains a natural anti-acid that will act as a natural gastric bandage.

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