55 questions you should ask your child instead of asking him how his day was

Since we had a baby, things started to get complicated with my two little girls. Between housework, breastfeeding and my baby’s medical care, I have a harder time communicating with them.

So I decided to ask specialists to give me some tips and techniques to better engage the conversation with my daughters. These questions have been very helpful in improving communication with my children:

What questions should you ask your child after a day at school?

1. Have you shown courage today?

2. Were you summoned to school today?

3. What are the two worst things of this day? (before eating)

4. What are you looking forward to tomorrow?

5. Which book should you read?

6. Which rule did you find the most difficult to respect today?

7. Teach me something that I do not know

8. What is the thing you would like to change today?

9. Are you ready for your control tomorrow?

10. Do you want to talk to me about something?

11. With whom did you share your tea today?

12. What made your teacher smile?

13. What made your teacher angry?

14. What mood were you in today?

15. What gave you a smile today?

16. Can you tell me if you saw or made a gesture of kindness?

17. Have you met a nasty person? What was your reaction?

18. Does everyone have friends at school?

19. Which book did you read in class?

20. What is the word of the week?

21. What was the best and the worst today?

22. What was your favorite event of the day?

23. Has any of your classmates left today?

24. Did you feel insecure?

25. What surprised you today?

26. What made you think?

27. With whom did you play?

28. Did you like the meal this afternoon?

29. Record your day on a scale of 1 to 10.

30. Have you had problems today?

31. What did you learn again today?

32. Have you taken up a challenge?

33. Did you need help? Did you offer someone help?

34. Have you cried? Why ?

35. Have you done creative work?

36. Which game do you play most at recess?

37. What brightened your day?

38. Have you helped anyone today?

39. Did you thank someone?

40. Do you feel loved?

41. Have you learned new words today?

42. What would you like to have accomplished before the end of this school year?

43. If you could exchange places with someone in class, who would you choose, why?

44. What is the least favorite place in school?

45. What is your favorite place in school?

46. ​​If you exchange your place with that of the teacher, what would you like to teach others in class?

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