Whether you are a city dweller or a city dweller, your children need contact with nature, spending time outdoors and having adventures to help them forge what they will be. Heres a list of 50 experiences they should experience to become successful teens and people open to the world and others.

The babies born in the 2010s spend, it seems, too much time in front of the screens … They would also be victims of too protective parents who fear the slightest scratch. It is however fundamental for our children to go in the grass, to scratch their knees, to know their physical limits … And those of the laws of mother nature.

Here is the list, drawn up by the British NGO National Trust, of things a child should have completed before the age of 12.

Live small adventures

1. Climb a tree

2. Drive down a big hill

3. Camping in nature

4. Build a hut or a teepee

5. Make ricochets on the water

6. Running in the rain

7. Fly a kite

8. Catch fish with a net

9. Eat an apple, which he has just picked on a tree

10. Playing with a slingshot

Discover the outside world

11. Make a great bike ride

12. Hiking in the mountains or in the forest with walking sticks

13. Prepare a mud pie

14. Construct a dam in a stream

15. Playing in the snow

16. Make a daisy necklace

17. Organize a snail race

18. Create a work made with elements of nature

19. Run a piece of wood over a bridge

20. Jump in the waves

Live great adventures

21. Picking and eating wild blackberries

22. Explore the inside of a tree trunk

23. Visit the underside of a farm

24. Walking barefoot in nature

25. Making a trumpet with blades of grass

26. Going on a quest for fossils and bones

27. Observe the sky and the stars

28. Climb to the top of a very high hill

29. Explore a cave

30. Hold a scary insect in his hand

Exploring nature and the wild world

31. Hunt insects to release them later

32. Search for tadpoles

33. Catch a fallen leaf falling from a tree

34. Stalking a wild animal by following its footprints

35. Explore a pond and discover its inhabitants

36. Making a house for a wild animal

37. Discover creatures living in a puddle formed on a rock

38. Catch a crab and release it

39. Walking in nature during the night

Experiencing the laws of nature

41. Sow a seed of a fruit or vegetable, and watch it grow and take care of it and then eat the fruit or vegetable