5 tips to avoid gaining weight during the holiday season

The holiday season is a perfect time to not get tired of eating, having fun and eating hearty meals as you should. This does not mean that you have to take extra pounds in the space of a few days just before the start of the new year. Obviously, everyone is free to eat whatever they want, but here is a list of tips to limit the impact on your health and fitness.

5 tips to avoid weight gain during the holiday season:

First tip: Prepare the “field” the day before.

Before Christmas Eve, try to eat 100% healthy, that is to say only live food. This will empty your stocks of glycogen, that is to say the sugar stored in the muscles to put your body in good conditions to anticipate the high-calorie meal you will take the next day.

Do not hesitate to practice a physical activity the day before to amplify this work of cleaning and put in good conditions. For the most motivated, doing fasting physical activity in the morning will allow you to limit the extra pounds.

Second tip: Promote digestion.

To help your body eliminate the surplus you consume, it is important to help it by promoting proper digestion. You can take a small piece of ginger, the root in particular that will allow your body to digest, eliminate and avoid a stomach ache after ingestion.

As a reminder, ginger has extraordinary properties. If you want to promote digestion to the end, you can massage your stomach during the meal in the direction of clockwise to stimulate the peristalsis intestinal.

Third tip: Avoid foie gras.

Of course, you are free to eat whatever you want but you must know first and foremost that foie gras is a sick liver! The liver of a healthy being is tiny. For economic reasons, to provide foie gras in quantity the breeders practice what is called “force-feeding”.

The liver aims to filter the toxins that are present in the blood. When force-feeding, the liver accumulates a lot of waste and eventually swells. In this way the animal’s liver becomes toxic. Imagine being stuffed with several pounds of food a day, feeling bloated, tired and round belly ready to explode.

Fourth tip: Limit alcohol.

Rest assured, I’m not asking you not to drink a single drop of alcohol. Of course, if you do not want to drink alcohol, do not drink it. But for those who intend to drink, here are some tips to limit the damage:

  • – Do not drink alcohol when you have an empty stomach. Alcohol is aggressive to the stomach walls and to limit this damage, I really advise you to drink while eating or after eating a minimum. Your stomach will also thank you the next day.
  • – Avoid mixtures between alcohol and sugary drinks. All drinks like Get 27, Baileys, Malibu, etc … contain a lot of sugar in addition to alcohol. Try to favor good wines preferably without added sulphites and organic. Your headaches will thank you.
  • – Try to take as much water as alcohol. Why ? Because the water will dilute the alcohol and make it less aggressive. Fifth tip: Start elimination the next day. Here are 3 tips for burning and eliminating what you ate the day before:

Fifth tip:

The next day, do not eat breakfast, do not eat before noon, try to push the lunch later in the afternoon. Why ? This will allow your digestive system to go into “cleansing” mode. If you ate a lot the day before, you will not need to eat the next morning. If you feel that your stomach is gurgling, rest assured it is only because it is empty. That does not mean that it must be filled at all costs. On the contrary, the more you eat a large meal, the more resting your body needs to recover. Remember that we can take an average of 30 days without eating so rest assured, everything will be fine.

– Drink a lot of water, make infusions: this will purify your body. The next day when you wake up, drink a large glass of water, it will promote elimination.

– Practice a little physical activity! Even if we had a big meal the day before, that does not mean that we should not do anything all day. Try to go for a walk in the day. Your body will thank you again.

With that, I wish you all to spend a great holiday season in the joy, in the good mood and especially in full health.

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