5 tips from Dr. Saldmann to be healthy without drugs

In this book, which is almost worthy of reimbursement by the Secu, the cardiologist, nutritionist and specialist in hygiene issues provides a multitude of common sense advice or based on scientific studies, which make it easy to take care of his health daily.

Here are Dr. Saldmann’s 5 tips for being healthy without drugs:

Start your meal with dessert to lose weight

It may seem far-fetched, however, eating your dessert at the beginning of the meal would help prevent you from getting fat, and even losing weight. How? The sweet dessert message deceives the brain and activates the mechanisms of satiety and decreases the amount of food eaten during the meal. What to have fun without paying the price on the scale!

Evacuate intestinal gas to have a flat stomach

Where there is embarrassment, there is no pleasure. Difficult indeed to feel good when you have compressed stomach gas. And who says bloating and flatulence says swollen belly. To show a flat stomach and comfortable, some exercises can … dislodge bulky farts which, by being restrained, increase the risk of constipation.

It’s not glam, but the goal is to feel better afterwards. Obviously, we do this in a restricted committee, that is to say alone (thank you to spare the colleagues of the open space and his family). To get free in less than three minutes, Dr. Saldmann advises to sit on his bed kneeling, shoulders resting on the bed: a position that promotes the evacuation of gases.

To feel better but with a more elegant method: rather than finish your meal with a dessert rich in sugars, it is rather an infusion of fennel seeds, a drink with the virtues “flat stomach” that reduces gas intestinal.

Wash hands BEFORE going to the toilet

We are very likely to have already launched a reproach and a little disgusted to a relative or a colleague caught in the act out of the toilet without washing their hands. Because at the risk of throwing a pavement in the pond, we tell you cash: it’s disgusting! Many people are unaware, however, that for optimal hygiene, one should first wash one’s hands BEFORE going to the bathroom.

Well, when you’re at home (a clean home), still going, but outside, especially at the office, better wash the mimines before going to do his little business. Instead, visualize everything you’ve touched with potentially spitting before you’re in the bathroom: lots of door handles full of germs, coins stuffed with microbes, and shaking hands that are also potentially covered with a slew of germs.

Not to mention the toilet seat that we happen to raise or lower and, we put it in the middle, is ultra-stuffed with microbes. In short, it’s a lot of germs on our hands that will be in direct contact with sex. A culture broth that does not please your penis gentlemen, or your vagina ladies, especially when you change periodic protection.

Change pillow every two years

A pillow, we love it, it is precious. He supports us, we take him in his arms to better join those of Morpheus, and in addition, it does not bait us if we drool slightly on him in our sleep. In short, it’s a friend who wants us well. But you must know how to separate regularly to better enjoy its virtues. In practice, it is washed every six months by the machine and especially, it changes every two years, maximum. Why every two years? If you passed the inside of your pillow under a microscope, you would not ask the question and would send the impudent object directly to the trash! In the long term, 10% of the weight of a pillow consists of mites, dead or alive, and their droppings.

Being spanked

Let things be clear, this is just small spanking naughty and consented eh! A naughty gesture with accents SM which, given occasionally during love games, spices sex life within the couple and boosts their libido. Many studies have shown the virtues of a fulfilling sex life on health and life expectancy.

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