There is nothing new under the sun, and we often forget things we should remember. So many hard lessons have been lost in time, war, forgetfulness inherent to humanity. Every expression of truth can be turned into a valuable lesson for any occasion. The precious lessons and truths of our ancestors are still valuable in modern times. Here are some reminders of what humanity as a whole has lost sight of.

Here are 5 things that modern humans have forgotten:

We have forgotten our place in the natural world

With the development of technology to offer us comfort that we never thought possible one day, we find ourselves entwined in the world we create and detached from the one we live in. We massively impose our needs and desires on nature, destroying it as we progress materially. It is a serious lack of respect for ourselves and for future generations. The lack of respect and the recognition of our environment reveals the very selfish personality of humans. This must not continue.


We forgot how we feel and our confidence

I think we are given a box in which we are encouraged to live. Everything is beautiful as long as you stay in this box. But infinite creatures with deep abilities, this box will never be enough. Society and religion dictate the parameters of this “box” and do not allow experimentation or spontaneous growth. We do not trust others, because we do not easily match another box easily and vice versa.

We do not trust, so that the community grows only by superficial means. A community does not need a soft Facebook page, it only needs people working toward a common goal.

We have forgotten the lessons of our ancestors

All these titles fall into this category. The human condition is a major concern for the people of antiquity. Now, it is considered a trivial element of our lives. It’s ridiculous because people need to be constantly reminded to be just people.

We have forgotten the power of love

We have forgotten the power of love Love is healing and the most powerful energy. Thanks to him, we are moving away from our mistakes. Thanks to him, we can heal wounds. Look around you, do you see a lot of love passing?

I do not believe in a cosmic event that will encourage healing and love. I believe that like every great work, it starts small and with the individual. Are you afraid to tell people that you like that you like them? Have you turned the concept of love into something to put on a shelf, only to go out for the family and your half? This is not the way. Love is not something to segment or share. Express your gratitude and love whenever you can. The reactions will be mixed at first, but I guarantee you we appreciate. Love people in a way that makes them feel free.

We forgot how to be free

Society, religion and the desire for money hinder us. They bind us to the most beautiful positions by using our pride and our desire to attach us. Your desires should make you free. Your intentions should lead you to new places. Look at all the reasons why you can not do something or venture on your own. I guarantee you that all the reasons come from you. You control your destiny and you have left men in costume with sneaky programs dictating your life. Cut the ropes, live your life according to your conditions.