5 things that happy people do before going to sleep

Before settling for the night, they spend some time with their family. Exchanging some confidences on the pillow, reading a story to the kids, or drinking a beer with your roommate is a great way for a happy person to end the day.

2. They plan the next day.

They do their best, at least. They prepare their clothes in advance and plan how much time they will need to prepare. They do what they can to prepare themselves for the next day.

3. They write.

Happy people often choose to write their thoughts just before going to bed. The thoughts we have before going to sleep are often the most honest and we often forget them the next morning.

4. They read a little.

Scientific studies have shown that reading before sleep can have serious benefits for your health. It does not matter if your book is fictional or real, as long as it holds your full attention. When the mind is fully dedicated to a world built by words, the stress disappears and the body relaxes.

5. They think of good things.

Happy people think of happy things before going to sleep. They do not fall asleep with negative things in mind.

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