5 things I should say more often to my mother

I’m proud of you for raising me this way. I am proud of you because you are so strong. I’m proud of you for doing things for you and being selfish because you deserve to be.

I am proud of you because you always manage at best the situations in which you are involved. I am proud of you because you have always worked hard. I’m proud of you for so much, I’m proud you’re my mother.

2. I love you

To say that “I love you” does not mean what you mean to me, but I do not have a better term for the moment. I love you immensely.

I do not really tell you how much I love you, but I know that I think it all the time. I appreciate you and appreciate everything you do for me, and all the efforts you make for everything, and who you are as a person and as a mother. You are one of the best things in my life, and I will never stop doing everything to make you happy and proud.

3. I’m sorry

I’m sorry for a lot of things. I’m sorry to be always so difficult. I’m sorry to be rude all the time. I’m sorry things did not go as planned. I’m sorry to get confused with my brother and you’re between us. I’m sorry for not making your life easier. I’m sorry, I’m not telling you as much as I should.

4. I miss you

I miss you all the time even if I see you very often. The more time passes and the more I feel like I miss you. I miss you every day when I do not see you. I miss you when we talk about random things. I miss you when we are sitting in the same room watching a movie.

I miss you when I’m in school and meeting. I miss you when I see something that might even vaguely remind you or at home in general.

5. Thanks

Thank you for everything. Thank you for the simple things and the difficult things. I thank you for cooking for me and for being there financially, morally and loving me. Thank you for spending time with me and helping me become who I am today. Thank you for always believing in me and letting me make my own mistakes.

Thank you for giving advice and help when I needed it. Thank you for setting a good example and being a model and someone I admire almost constantly. I thank you for being so crazy, strange and hilarious, even though I roll my eyes and laugh at you. Thank you for teaching me so much and helping me through things that you can not teach someone else. Thank you for being my mother.

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