5 things a narcissist will never do for you

“You can look at the individual scores of narcissism, you can look at the lifetime prevalence data of narcissistic personality disorder, you can look at the related cultural trends, they all point to one thing,” says Keith Campbell, holder Ph.D., Head of Department of Psychology, University of Georgia “Narcissism is on the rise. “

We all know someone selfish and egocentric. But what can we expect with them?

Here are 5 things that a Narcissist will never do:


They will never remember what you did for them, they will only remember what you did not do. They focus on the negative and what they lack. Do not expect them to be grateful. They are unable to pay attention to others. But they will tell you everything they did for you and expect gratitude from you.


Unless you give them something in return, do not expect compassion. The narcissist is unable to feel compassion because it would force him out of his own needs. It’s all about “what can I get from you? If something does not concern them, it does not interest them. For example, if your parent is in the hospital and you ask him for help, he will avoid you unless he can get something to help. . And if he shows empathy, it will be to show others what he has done. Narcissists do not have a gene of empathy and compassion. Most of these people lack insight. Because of their own lack of value, they adopt a destructive behavior on others.


When a narcissist does you a favor, he / she asks you for it quickly. They keep in mind everything they do for others. If they can get anything from you, they will not do anything for free. It is useless to do anything for you if it does not benefit them. Do not expect generosity without selling your soul to the devil. They will lie to you to get what they want for their own benefit.


A narcissist does not do anything wrong. If something goes wrong, it’s not his fault. He has no problem turning it against you. You can not expect him to feel sorry for anything because he’s perfect. All misunderstandings concern you. He could not have done something that upsets you. Narcissistic people are bullies, and they reject without blame the blame on others and hurt them instead of assuming their actions.


These people are not very attentive to the problems of others. They will listen when they need something from you, using your weaknesses or trauma to get what they want. They hear you but never pay attention to what you say. If the conversation does not concern them, then they do not see the point of listening to you because they have nothing to gain from it.

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