5 signs that you stress too much (and you do not realize it)

Stress is often cited as one of the main reasons people take bad habits. Every single thought that we have in mind is also manifested somewhere in the body, so it’s easy to understand why stress hormones have a negative impact on our health.

There is the good and the bad kind of stress. Good stress is what we feel when we are happy. Like when we fall in love at a first date.

Bad stress occurs when a person is still facing obstacles or challenges with little or no relief from challenge to challenge. This leaves us feeling overworked and overwhelmed by the accumulating tension.

You can be too stressed without even knowing it.

When we operate in this state of cognition, many stress symptoms will go unnoticed.

So, here are five ways to tell if you are more stressed than you should be.

5 signs that you stress too much (and you do not realize it):

You have pain everywhere

Pain is often something that humans can endure as long as it is bearable. When we are in a state of high stress, the body will start to lose its normal function state.

This leads to symptoms such as diarrhea, ulcers, chest pain, tight muscles and palpitations. Small problems suddenly become big problems.

Do your best not to ignore these issues. They are there because they need to be taken into account. Accept that you may have to change some aspect of your life to get rid of this chronic disease.

You struggle to get a good night’s rest

If your sleep cycle changes regularly, or you are exhausted and you sleep too much, or if you do not get enough sleep because of insomnia, you are probably too stressed.

Sleep is one of the main areas that stress affects the most. Stress prevents the mind from being at peace, so the best way to improve your sleep is to exercise, meditate and have a healthy diet.

5 signs that you stress too much (and you do not realize it)

You constantly think about the problems of life

Okay, we all think about the big problems in life on a regular basis, but if you can not take just a few minutes to think about something other than your career or financial problems, then it’s obvious that stress has the control over you.

The best thing you can realize is that worrying about your problems just wastes time and energy. If you let your inner dialogue run 24/7, this will inevitably lead to physiological problems.

Allow yourself moments of solitude, in silence or relaxation, without phone, computer or technology. You need to decompress.

You suddenly lose your hair

Carolyn Jacob, founder and medical director of Chicago Cosmetic Surgery and Dermatology, tells us that the average person loses 100 hairs every day, and that it is a problem when more is lost:

“Generally, people lose about 100 hairs a day. Most people do not even notice it. Sometimes, significant stress can bring about a change in the physiological functions of your body’s routine, and cause a disproportionate number of hair to enter the rest phase at the same time. Then three to four months later, sometimes more, all that resting hair falls off. The effect can be alarming. The types of events that disrupt the normal hair cycle can be caused by significant physiological stress on your body. “

So, if you have sudden and dramatic hair loss, there is a risk that your stress will cause physiological changes in your body.

Your libido has decreased

As admitting that our libido is affected is something we absolutely do not want to do, most people will never address this problem. We do not want to recognize it and we make sure our partner does not notice it.

The body feels tired because of stress hormones, which is not good for physical intimacy.

If you have lost your libido, it’s time to get it back. Do not be afraid to tell your partner what’s going on. Once you’ve said it, all that stressful weight that stops you will disappear.

Agree to try new methods of stress management and find ways to put your mind at ease.

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