5 phases lived by women who did not have a loving mother

Many women have had a childhood devoid of love and affection that all girls need with their mothers. Unfortunately, despite the idea that all mothers are loving, some mothers do not listen to their daughters, do not tell them that they are proud of them or do not even take the time to know them. The emotional scars left on these women last a lifetime.

When a woman has gone through there, she needs to cry this loss. She needs to cry because she did not have the mother she deserved. Even decades later, they find it hard to believe that they are both kind and respectful.

The journey is not easy, and it is different for every woman. It’s messy, but it’s worth it to be able to overcome the emotional damage that has been done and move forward with good self-vision. However, if a woman is willing to submit to the process, she can find healing and freedom on the other side.

In most cases, it is more difficult for a woman to follow the process because she has trouble sticking to it. They cut their mother out of their lives because they owed it, but continue to let her in because they still yearn for the love they missed, and they continue to believe that she will change. In the end, these girls always end up hurting themselves one more time and are trapped in a cycle instead of walking on the path of healing.

The best way for a woman to cry the loss of a mother’s love is to follow the five phases of grief. It should be kept in mind, however, that these scenes are not steps to follow. Not everyone will follow them all, and they will not necessarily do them in order. In fact, women will bounce back and forth several times and will be able to return to the same phase several times or even more than one phase at a time. Since the process of each is different, it is normal.

Here are the five phases of grief and how they relate to a woman on the road to recovery from a childhood without love.

5 phases experienced by women who did not have a loving mother:


This is a phase that most women have known for years, if not decades. Part of their mind is aware that there is a problem, but as they also recognize that the problem is more serious than they can bear, their brain excludes it and refuses to recognize the problem as a way to avoid having unbearable pain to control.

For a woman who has not received love from her mother, she does not see how much her mother has hurt her and denies her pain, often until her mother dies.


Generally, anger is the way to express the raw pain, even if the girl can be more hurt and sad than angry, it causes anger. She may be angry at a number of targets, including her mother, father, brothers and sisters who are loved while she is not. As this anger covers other emotions, it is often irrational or illogical in its targets and intensity.

In many cases, the only way to get through this stage and overcome the overwhelming anger that a woman experiences is to forgive. Forgiveness does not mean that what the person did was correct, but it frees up that person’s hold on the woman and allows the woman to eliminate the bitterness towards others who hurt her.


For unloved girls, this phase is another that could last several years as denial. She believes that if she can do certain things or act in a certain way, she will end up getting the love and support of her mother that she desperately wants. However, no amount of work will gain the appreciation of a mother without love, leaving the girl unable to make changes. She must be ready to stop negotiating to move forward.


This stage is where the feelings of pain and loss are finally felt as they were meant to be explored, and this is a critical step that must last as long as it takes. Society likes to tell people to “get away with it” or “stop being sad,” but it does not work that way. To get through this stage and get to the other side, these women need to cry and feel the loss as long as it takes them to leave behind.


This does not mean that they accept everything that has been done to them as acceptable or that everything is fine. A woman who recognizes a loss accepts that this loss has negatively changed her life. It also means that she is ready to learn to live without the love of her mother and to truly begin to recover by forging new relationships.

While there is no way for a unloved girl to change the past, she can use it to move forward to improve her future for herself, her loved ones, and she can break the generational curse. relationships without love with his daughter.

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