5 incredible benefits of hugs (supported by science)

When we receive caresses, it gives us a feeling of comfort, attention, love, understanding, and many other indescribable feelings. That being said, do not you think that taking someone in your arms every day would be a good idea?

In fact, it’s a real science that happens when we get a hug or give it to someone else. The physiological changes we experience deep within us when we are hugged could be described as one of the ultimate forms of the human being.

Balance the nervous system

Just by making someone hug , you have already started balancing his nervous system. The Pacini corpuscles found in the skin are linked to the brain by our vagus nerve.

This means that they feel the sensation of being touched. What happens when moisture and electricity hover over the skin during a hug can show a steady state of your parasympathetic nervous system, something that is achieved by a psycho-physiological consistency created when you are hugging passionately someone!

Decrease the level of stress

Hugging someone can immediately and effectively relieve much of your stress. Too often, we underestimate the power of hugs. When you hug, the level of cortisol circulating throughout our body decreases considerably.

It means that our minds are able to calm down and think without stress . The next time you’re with your other half, take her in your arms!

A better overall mood

When you hug someone, you start to increase the production of serotonin in the brain which is the essential chemical that you need to be in a good mood . It also boosts self-esteem.

Think of those who are alone or depressed, it means that they really have low levels of serotonin. When you hug someone, the brain starts to release more serotonin and endorphin into your blood vessels, which creates pleasure and expels pain.

Relax your body

Hugging can actually relax your muscles in the best way possible. When we receive a hug, our muscles begin to release tension all over the body.

Improves cardiovascular health / Decreases heart rate

Cuddling has the incredible ability to reduce our heart rate. A study highlighted by the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill, suggested that volunteers who had little or no contact with their partners had a faster heart rate of 10 beats per minute, compared to an average of 5 beats per minute for those who were constantly receiving hugs from their partner. The lower your heart rate, the less likely you are to have heart disease.

In short, we must hug each other daily for our mental and physical health. More importantly, our happiness.


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