5 good reasons to make love every night with your husband

When I was 17, I heard my aunts talk to each other, and I realized that not all women are so attracted to sex with their husbands, past a certain age. They complained about their husbands who always wanted to “do it”, who thought “only that”, while they were reluctant to go under the duvet. ” He does not realise ! At the end of the day, I’m totally exhausted!

I thought they were old sour skin, that I would never be like that. Then I grew up, I got married and one day, doing the dishes, I suddenly realized that it had been eight days since I and my husband had not touched us …

1. It is said that being a mother is the ultimate expression of femininity, yet it can tear us away from this femininity.

There is something about being covered in drool, and having to assist a little human being in all his needs, which makes you feel sexually “neutral”. Most of my days, I spend them removing baby clothes from my clothes, changing diapers, cleaning up suspicious tasks … That’s why it’s extremely restorative to share an intimate moment with the man that we like. We remember who we really are. Yes, a mother is a cook, a cleaner, a teacher … But there is also something more, a delicious thing and completely different from this role: It’s a woman!

2. If you want husband’s vote to behave like a man, you must also treat him like a man.

No, I’m not pushing you back in the 1950s, it’s the opposite! Just as women need to meet a number of criteria to feel loved, men also have certain needs. They need attention, to feel appreciated and loved, and they need to make love. It’s as simple as that. So let this poor guy see you naked! A man who feels really fulfilled at this level can work miracles.

3. You need a moment in the day or you are both alone.

Do you remember that boy? The one who made your heart beat upside down and made you feverish? Who was calling you when you were waiting for that, that made you reach the stars to the point where you thought you could never go down again? Well, he’s still here. He may have taken a little belly, he has new worries in his head that he did not have in his crazy youth … Just like you. But this man is always in love with you, he needs your smile just as you need his. Every night, once the children are in bed, you have a chance to find him again. This is a moment where you can remember that you are still living a secret adventure, and that there is nothing you can not do.

4. Sex helps to fight stress.

I do not know if more explanations are needed … As a mother, I am always stressed from morning to night. Then I have the choice: I can let go of the pressure by A) driving the night in the neighborhood like a sick and smashing the mailboxes of the neighbors or B) I can let go completely in the arms of this man that I have married. Me, I prefer option B. (Good for neighbors and their mailboxes!)

5. Sex is great.

Well, seriously, that may be the biggest reason. Why are we so quick to refuse and forget the greatest pleasures of life? All day, we work, we take care of the homework of the kids, we do all these things at once … And then, when we talk about making love every day, we look at you as if you were a nymphomaniac stamped !

Is it logical? Are we really busy doing all these chores every day, so that we have to ban one of the greatest pleasures of life? My God, that would be madness. Have you ever thought that you should take advantage of it because you DESERVE it? Yes, we deserve it. So tonight, put the kids in bed. Lock them up double-turn. Leave the dirty dishes in the sink, it will wait. Take a moment to realize that you are the girl you wanted to be, and go find that boy and remind him that he is the man you thought he could be. Rinse. Repeat.

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